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Special Mentions

This entire page is dedicated to all the wonderful people who tirelessly follow and show their support to me and to MyMy Blog.  I appreciate and love you, guys.  You certainly deserve to be in the spotlight (even if it’s just through my humble li’l corner here).  MyMy Blog is where it is right now because of you.  icon smile Special Mentions


 The Beautiful Readers Of MyMy Blog

So just because certain people opt not to post any comments on any of your blog posts doesn’t mean they don’t visit your blog or read your posts.  Hopefully though, if your post truly made an impact on them, they would let you know, and that would always be wonderful!  A little message of assurance and appreciation goes a long way for us, Bloggers.

Just like these heartwarming tweets mentioning moi… totally unexpected but made my day big time!

Twitter Mention Faye Bonoan Special Mentions

Thank you so much for this beautiful message, Faye, and for supporting my blog.  It warms my heart to know that my stories/posts inspire people like you.  A big hug to ya!!!

Another one was a reply by Cora Mae Follero to my tweet on Sept. 21, 2012:

Twitter Mention Cora Mae Special Mentions

Thanks, Cora Mae.  I thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to be a blessing to others, as He also continues to use other people to bless me.  You, my readers, are a huge blessing to me. icon smile Special Mentions


Even my Facebook account has become a channel by which kind friends send me their love and support:

Facebook Testimonials Gwen Black Special Mentions

Facebook Testimonials Rye Gamo Special Mentions

Gwen, I can’t thank you enough for consistently “Liking” my posts.  Wala kang sawa, and I am so grateful!  I luv ya!

Rye… coming from you, I couldn’t help but feel… “beatified”.  Naks!  Vatican ang peg!  Hahaha!  Thank you so much, my dear.  I value every word.  icon smile Special Mentions

At ang isang ito… testimonial na testimonial talaga… in the style of “The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant”!  Kalokah!

Facebook Testimonials Jasmin Barnes Special Mentions

Jasmin, I’m seriously contemplating printing out your testimonial, getting it framed and hanging it on our living room wall.  Grabeh!  I can’t even begin to describe how deeply your words had touched me.  Thank you so much for the love, sweetie.  Ikaw na!!!  icon smile Special Mentions

…and here are more kind testimonials sent in via Facebook!

FB Testimonial DP 1 Special Mentions

FB Testimonial Jennifer Pinkovski 1 Special Mentions

To DP and Jen, thank you so much for the kind words and for showing me some support and encouragement.  Please don’t ever get tired.  Love you, guys!  icon smile Special Mentions


Last September 4th, Chalou Ramento tagged me on this Facebook post:

“I just got home from work and aside from seeing my kids, I was pleasantly surprised with the arrival of this beautiful package earlier this afternoon.  Thank you, MyMy for this beautiful e.l.f. makeup clutch!  I love it!  This is just one of the many, many FABULOUS prizes you could win by simply reading my friend MyMy Upshaw’s blogs.  The prize is just the bonus because her blogs are FANTASTIC!  More power to you and your blog, My!  God bless you and your family!” ~ Chalou Ramento

Chalou Ramento ELF Freebie Friday Collage 2 Special Mentions

You’re welcome, sweetie. ‘Twas my pleasure sharing fabulous finds with loyal readers and uber-supportive friends like you!  Have fun with your new toy!  Muaah! =)


 I would like to thank a few friends from Bloggers for featuring MyMy Blog on July 14th, 2012 on their site and even promoting it on their Twitter pages!  I feel so blessed with all this support and love I’ve been getting from fellow Bloggers from the other side of the planet!  God bless each one of you and more power to you too! =)

Bloggers Feature Special Mentions


I haven’t done this in a while and I apologize for failing to acknowledge the following people for tagging me in their posts, or for thanking them for their beautiful comments.  Pero ika nga, “Huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol din!”. icon smile Special Mentions

Starting off…

Remember the fashion shoot I wrote about early last year?  Quina Fernandez-De Los Santos – wife of Redfox Founder & Photographer, Derek De Los Santos –  tagged me in her post last March 5, 2013:

MyMyBlog Testimonilal   RedFox Special Mentions

Click on the image to view the full post by Redfox Photography

Hi, Quina!  You’re welcome and I apologize for the late response.  It was a pleasure working with Derek and Redfox, and I hope we could work together again on a project soon.  Kindly give my regards to the crew! icon smile Special Mentions


Then there were a few friends who took pictures of freebies and gifts they received from MyMy Blog and posted them on their Facebook Timeline simply to express their gratitude and share their joy:

MyMyBlog Testimonial   Zildjiane Ansay 2 Special Mentions

MyMyBlog Testimonial   Ruth Ojeda 2 Special Mentions

MyMyBlog Testimonial   NielmaEstacion Special Mentions

MyMyBlog Testimonial   Jeanne  Special Mentions

You’re welcome, Ladies!  I hope you enjoyed your babies!  If there’s any particular product that stood out for you and really impressed you, i-chika nyo sa ‘kin ha para ma-recommend din natin sa ‘others’!  Nyehehe! icon wink Special Mentions


On February 3, 2014, Zildjiane Ansay wrote: 

MyMy Blog Testimonial   Zildjiane Ansay Special Mentions

Zildjiane, thank you so much for your beautiful and heartwarming description of me.  I am graciously humbled and honored.  I wish to thank you also for the unwavering support you’ve shown for MyMy Blog, not just by joining the Freebie Friday contests but also by showing a genuine interest in my posts.  Readers like you are a great source of inspiration for us, Bloggers.  I hope to be able to continue giving you helpful and relevant blog content.  Please feel free to share with me your thoughts on how I can further improve. icon smile Special Mentions


Just yesterday, I got this message from a MyMy Blog Reader/Follower who also recently won our Big Chanel “Blogiversary” Giveaway:

[Note: The “problem” she was referring to on her message was the very reason behind the recent announcement I posted on my Facebook Page, the details of which I will share with y’all later.]

MyMyBlog Testimonial   Bianca Rogoveneau Special Mentions

Bianca, I’m soooo glad it was all over!  I genuinely care about my Readers and I am happy to know that you got a good sense of the effort that I made to get this matter resolved.  Thank you so much also for your patience.  Enjoy your Chanel, sweetie! icon smile Special Mentions


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