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The 7 Day Weight Loss Plan

Posted by on Mar 24, 2013

The 7 Day Weight Loss Plan


I am not – nor do I claim to be – a doctor or any other type of medical professional.  I am merely a woman who wants to take care of herself as best I can, although I confess that I am growing less and less confident in traditional medicine to make that happen.  However, I have to say here that if you choose to follow the 7 Day Weight Loss Plan as outlined below – or any diet and/or weight loss program – it’s still a good idea to consult a medical professional before doing so, so that you have all the facts in front of you before making decisions about your health.

I’ve said in a previous post that I don’t constantly fuss about my weight.  I’m not the kind of person who gets all bothered and depressed if and when I gain a few extra pounds. So, in my case, my eagerness to go on a diet (if and when I do choose to do so) tends to be more out of a desire to live a longer, healthier life so that my family can have me around for many more years rather than anything having to do with weight loss.


My Situation, And Some Encouragement!

I stand 5 feet 2 inches tall, and I have a “petite” frame (meaning that I am not “big-boned” at all).  So, my ideal weight is between 95 to 100 lbs.  For more than a year, I was able to keep my weight right around 100 lbs or so . However, since the last holiday season, I confess that I have been very undisciplined when it comes to my food intake.  I know that there are people in this world who seem to be able to eat anything and somehow don’t gain weight, but I most certainly am not one of them… not any more!  In my case, increased food intake (not to mention a total disregard for the quality of the food being taken in) is the fastest and surest way to gain weight!  You see, like many people, I am what you would call a “stress eater”, which means that my tendency is to eat more when I’m under a lot of stress.  Big Daddy being laid up in the hospital for three months certainly didn’t help.  So three months later, here I am — 20 lbs. heavier… again!  Yeah, yeah… I know, right?  I wish I could say that I totally regret every single doughnut and slice of cake I’ve eaten, but in truth, I confess that I don’t.  I felt extremely happy and satisfied when I had them!  Haha!   I recall shaking my head one time and throwing my hands up in the air in frustration while trying to squeeze myself into my favorite pair of jeans (great jeans…what a waste!),  but – since I don’t really place my self esteem squarely on the number displayed on the scale – I am still at peace in the knowledge that I’m beautiful just the way I am — heavy thighs, hips, love handles and all!

That’s how I’d encourage y’all to think too, Ladies.  Please don’t let your weight affect how you feel about yourselves.  Yes, it’s a healthy thing to be convicted about taking better care of your bodies, but only because you want to improve  the quality of your lives, living life to the fullest, and not because you think you look disgusting and ugly.

Luckily for me, my body has always had this weird ability to shed off excess fat as quickly as I put it on, especially if I commit to a reasonable diet or weight loss plan.  (Thank you, God!  :))


The 7 Day Weight Loss Plan

So, today, out of a desire to jump-start my journey back to my ideal weight, I’ve decided to use the same weight loss plan I implemented (which was inspired by an article I read on a magazine) a week prior to my wedding day eight years ago – a plan I would call The 7 Day Weight Loss Plan.

I hope to document for myself and the world that losing 10 lbs. in just one week is a safe, reasonable and realistic goal, without having to go through a serious detox such as the Master Cleanse Diet to get it done – even on a small frame such as mine.  It’s important to keep in mind, though, that whatever weight loss or diet plan you decide to start, trying to lose significantly more weight than that in a short amount of time will do more harm than good.


My Intentions

Over the next seven days, starting today, I will work to lose (again) at least 10 lbs.   To be clear, this is not the Master Cleanse Diet (which I also do three times a year) because my goal in this case is not to detoxify, but simply to lose pounds – two entirely different objectives.  (It’s really important to differentiate between the two).  

(edited 5/15/2014 for the benefit of “Jane” below, and people thinking like her)

Before I go any further, it’s important for me to point out that eight years ago, I had no idea where this weight loss plan originated from as the article didn’t make any mention of who the original creator was.  I had since lost my copy of that magazine (I don’t normally keep magazines beyond five years old), so I can’t properly credit the writer (my apologies).  I tweaked the recipe I found just a little bit (added the apple cider vinegar, the snacking on celery sticks and loading up on green tea because those were regular parts of my normal diet anyway!).  Eventually, I read about the GM Diet online and realized that it was possibly at least one source used by the writer of the article I read.  I couldn’t be completely sure of that since I saw a few significant differences, and it didn’t seem right to me to credit somebody in my post who was not my direct source.

For those of you who believe that the creator of the GM Diet is the one who deserves the credit for this weight loss plan, then of course, I shall give credit to where credit is due.  However, as I researched more on the origin of this 7 Day Weight Loss Plan, it seemed more likely to me that this dietitian/blogger might have been the creator of the version that I discovered and got me inspired.  Nowhere in his post did he make any mention of or give credit to the GM Diet Plan.  He only said that he “discovered this ultimate diet plan“.  So I’m still uncertain if he got his idea from the GM Diet Plan, or if it was the other way around since his version was even more detailed, in my opinion.  Again, since the 7 Day Weight Loss Plan I’m sharing in this post is most similar to the diet plan that the man behind the username “Bilaras” (not sure if that was his real name) published, I will give credit to him instead.

To those of you who don’t care either way, and are just interested in my personal testimony and experience, then THANK YOU and I hope that what you’ll choose to take away from this post is nothing less than a sincere desire from yours truly to share and help.

To those who read this post not because they are interested in the information but are more interested in just being negative or trolling or cyberbullying: I wish you all the best in your own journey to healthy living – or perhaps the healthy lifestyle isn’t your thing anyway, since the first step in that journey is getting rid of all negativity in your life.  If I didn’t allow your comments to be published, it was simply because I don’t allow any form of name calling or insults anywhere in my website.  Let me emphasize the last part – MY WEBSITE.  In case you’re forgetting, this is my website.  Your negative behavior and obvious lack of social media etiquette will not be tolerated here.  Just the same, may you LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!  (Quote Credit: Mr. Spock)

(end edit)


The Specifics Of The 7 Day Weight Loss Plan

Day 1 : Fruits Only

  • all kinds of fruits are allowed except for banana
  • preferred fruits are apples, watermelon and all citrus fruits
  • eat as much as you want
  • no preserved and canned fruits allowed

Day 2 : Vegetables Only

  • raw or boiled vegetables only, may or may not be seasoned with only a little bit of salt and pepper
  • no cream, milk, butter or oil may be used in the preparation of these vegetables
  • snack on at least one 8-inch celery stalk in between meals

Day 3 – Fruits & Vegetables Only

  • Both vegetables and fruits are allowed on this day
  • oil, butter, cream, cheese or milk must not be used in the preparation
  • only raw or boiled vegetables are allowed
  • no potatoes allowed
  • no bananas allowed
  • no preserved and canned fruits allowed
  • snack on at least one 8-inch celery stalk in between meals

Day 4 : Banana & Milk

  • consume 8 bananas, 3 glasses of milk and 1 bowl of vegetable soup* throughout the day

*Vegetable Soup: 23oz of vegetable broth, 1 onion, 2 green chile or bell pepper, 1 cabbage, 2 lettuce leaves, 1 chopped stalk of celery and 1 carrot, seasoned with a little bit of salt & pepper and boiled together for 5 minutes.

Day 5 : Adding Brown Rice

  • mixture of fruits, vegetables and a small cup of boiled brown rice
  • consume 1 small cup of boiled brown rice, 6 tomatoes, 2 apples, 1 small bowl of vegetable salad, 1/2 glass of skimmed milk, 1 orange, 1 grapefruit throughout the day; vegetable soup optional
  • snack on at least one 8-inch celery stalk in between meals
  • no preserved and canned fruits allowed

Day 6 : Vegetables & Rice

  • oil, butter, cream or cheese must not be used in the preparation of the vegetables
  • as much vegetable salad or vegetable soup throughout the day but only 1 small cup of boiled brown rice
  • snack on at least one 8-inch celery stalk in between meals

Day 7 – Vegetables, Rice & Fruit Juice

  • as much vegetable salad or vegetable soup throughout the day but only 1 small cup of boiled brown rice, with fresh fruit juice (preferably grapefruit or orange juice)

Everyday : Day 1 to Day 7

  • Right after waking up, drink one glass of water with at least 1 tablespoon of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • drink a glass of warm water with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice before breakfast every day with no more than 2 tablespoons of honey (the less honey, the better)
  • drink 10-12 glasses of water every day
  • no fruit juice allowed, except for Day 7
  • 3-4 cups of green tea (consumed throughout the day) with very little to no honey, Grade B Maple syrup or Stevia
  • do at least 15 minutes of walking
  • do 5-10 minutes of the exercise illustrated in the following video every day:

As you can surely see, this 7 Day Weight Loss Plan (or any other weight loss plan for that matter) requires a great deal of commitment, discipline and self-control — something I admit I haven’t been so good at recently — so wish me luck, guys! :)  I will post the results of my own journey with this 7 Day Weight Loss Plan here on MyMy Blog a week from now, so stay tuned. :)

By the way, should any of you decide to join me on this journey, please share with me your progress too! I would love to hear from you! :)


UPDATE:  Since I’ve been asked so many times how I manage to stay committed to any weight loss plan, let alone stick with healthier lifestyle changes to keep the weight off, y’all might want to check out my post on 12 Healthier Lifestyle Changes That Truly Make A Difference.




About The Author: Myla “MyMy” Upshaw

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  1. Mary-Ann

    So how was it? did you lose 10 pounds in 7 days?

    regards mary

    • Myla Upshaw

      I did in fact lose 9.8 lbs, Mary-Ann. Admittedly, I failed to do my exercises for three (out of the seven) days and didn’t consistently snack on my celery. Yup! Guilty. I was very pleased with the results though. I imagined I probably would have surpassed my goal if I did exactly as planned. I intend to do better next time. :)

  2. Mitz

    Happy to read your blogs and I will surely try this :-) I really need to lose weight to bring back my confidence. Thank you so much. Hope to read more from you.

    Thanks again :)

  3. priyanka

    I will try your weigh loss plan. What else can u suggest for snack? Parang hndi ko kaya kumain ng celery lang.

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Priyanka! on days where only fruits are allowed, you may snack on any fruit (apples, oranges, watermelon, etc.) except bananas. On days when only vegetables are allowed, carrots, cucumbers, turnips, zucchinis, etc. are all good. Then of course, on days when you can have both fruits and vegetables, any of those I mentioned would be good alternatives. Just stay away from the “bawal”. :)

  4. Wamsy

    I will try this, not exactly but atleast eto ang basis ko. SAlamat sa blog mo..

  5. Nicz

    I’ll try this for sure :) But what kind of milk shall I consume on the 4th day? Thanks for this awesome diet plan by the way!

  6. kayeena

    i would like to be motivated by your advise, i hope i could do the same and gain the same result..:)

    • Myla Upshaw

      You can do it, Kayeena. However, the 7 Day Weight Loss Plan is recommended/ideal for those who are tying to beat some sort of deadline. If you’re not under extreme time pressure, I would suggest that you take your time and maybe start by replacing one meal with just some fresh juice drink, then move to replacing two meals with juice, and so on. Something like that. You can also try eliminating the obvious weight destroyers from your diet such as starchy food, junk food, food high in sugar and sodium, etc. Nothing too intense when it comes to exercising if you’re not in a hurry to drop the weight. :)

  7. Jasmin M. Asilo

    Hi there. I appreciate much your blog, as this is what I have been looking for; a meal plan of foods that are readily available, a realistic target, and an easy set of exercises. I am actually 50 pounds heavier than the ideal weight that I should have. Am really gonna give this a shot. Thank you so much and may you be blessed more.

    • Myla Upshaw

      You’re welcome, Jasmin. Please keep in mind that the goal of this weight loss plan is to shed off 10 lbs within a week. If your plan is to lose more weight than that, just don’t try to do it all within a week. Take your time and if you can, perhaps follow this plan for two weeks, and see how it works out for you. Good luck! :)

  8. Anj

    Looks like a very good plan. I want to shed a few pounds too! With ”no oil” do you mean even olive oil? I usually prepare my vegetables boiled with a little olive oil. How does that affect the results? And for day 1, what fruit do you usually have for breakfast?

    • Myla Upshaw

      Yes, Anj. That includes even olive oil, at least for the duration of this 7 day weight loss program. I don’t think they would differ all that much in taste. For breakfast, just any traditional breakfast fruit platter will do – apples, watermelon, papaya, melon, oranges, pineapples.

  9. wam

    I bumped into your blog while searching for the fastest way to lose weight! Will surely try this and in fact, I’ll start tomorrow, haha! wish me luck Myla! :D

  10. Stacy

    Hi :) I just love your blog and although this is my first time commenting I check in and read your posts from time to time. Was wondering if you and your husband are still selling/drinking Javita? I haven’t seen anything for awhile about it and thought you may post about it on this one because of the weightloss aspect of the coffee. Thanks in advance.

  11. enaj

    that’s the GM DIET and you did not mention that as if you are claiming that you invented the diet plan urself tsk tsk :-)

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Jane! Thank you for your comment.

      I’m sorry you read something into my blog post that I had no intention of saying or implying at all. I certainly did not claim that I “invented” this diet plan, made clear by the fact that I used the word “implemented” which means “applied” or “executed”. My intention in putting this out there was to help other people who, just like me, might benefit from it – not for mere ego trip, as you seem to be implying. However, let me point out a few things of which you might not be aware:

      1. My observation has been that a vast majority of the diet plans you’ll find online are more or less a spin-off of other diet plans. Just try Googling the “Lemonade Diet”, and you’ll find hundreds of different variations, many of which do not even give reference to its creator, Stanley Burroughs, since the “Lemonade Diet” is simply the Master Cleanse diet, only given a different name. In one article, it was even given a name, “Beyonce’s Lemonade Diet”, as if Beyonce Knowles ever “claimed” to have invented the diet… but we know better, right?
      2. The GM Diet was NOT my direct source of inspiration for The 7 Day Weight Loss Plan that I used 8 years ago. It was actually another article.
      3. The GM Diet, I believe, includes coconut water and banana shake, allowed orange juice in the early stages of the plan, and even some meat. The diet plan I was sharing here did not have that.
      4. I added a few things (the apple cider vinegar drink, the green tea and celery stalks to snack on) that were completely my own.

      To my knowledge, there is no law nor ethical standard that prohibits me from tweaking a diet plan to suit my personal needs, and then sharing it with my friends and followers, anymore than there would be for me to share what I did with friends who visit me in my home. For example, working in my own kitchen, I could tweak a spaghetti recipe to suit my own personal taste by, say, adding fish sauce to it, and call it my own, right?

      All of that being said, I must reiterate that I only shared what diet plan I implemented. Just because I share a recipe with my friends and followers here on my blog most certainly does not mean that I am implying in any way that I “invented” the diet plan. However, just to satisfy you and anyone else who is thinking like you are, I will be editing my post above to make this point abundantly clear. Please check back soon to see the update! :-)

      Hope this information will ease your mind about the post, and my intentions. :)

  12. Harry

    Mam ok lng ba ang eggs? Saka yung gulay igigisa ok lang?

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Harry! Wag na muna ang eggs because it’s a byproduct from poultry. Fruits and veggies lang muna tayo. And no “gisa” din. That means you would use oil, diba? So, the answer is NO. Boiled or steamed only. :)

  13. ANNE

    Hi, is this recommended for people who work out everyday? Cause I heard that work out should be partnered with high protein meals. The other meals I researched had meat and banana in them. Will your meal plan be able to support my body’s needs if I am working out? (specifically cardio work out) Thanks a lot!

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Anne! No, I don’t think so. Only light exercises should be done with this weight loss plan, as specifically stated in the post. Nothing heavy. So, if you have a regular workout program, I recommend that you consult your trainer, doctor or dietitian for a meal plan that will work best for you.

  14. Yvonne

    Hi!! I will really really try this. Wish me luck. :) Thanks..

  15. Jhay Lopez

    I need help in my diet plans .. why is it i’m fully determined on the first day but i lose hope on the second day? Is there any psychological application to help me out ..?

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Jhay! Hmmm… I honestly do not have a ready answer for you right now, and that’s a very good question. You got me thinking there too! Hehe! I’m certainly guilty of falling into the same pit sometimes. Don’t lose heart. We all have our own sets of weaknesses. It doesn’t mean that you will never be able to achieve your goals. It’s good though that you’re seeking to understand the underlying cause of your inability to stay committed to any diet plan. I will do my research about this and I promise to get back to you, okay? Thank you for stopping by!

  16. Lea

    Do you think I should do it I really want to lose weight before summer but I’m not sure I have the discipline to do so. What helped you stay on task and not quit?
    Thanks in Advance

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Lea! We all have our weaknesses and I admit that I also give in to my weaknesses sometimes. So don’t be so hard on yourself, dear. :)

      What helped me stay committed to any diet might not work for other people but here’s what worked for me: I actually found cooking very therapeutic. Oddly, for as long as I was cooking, I didn’t get much of the usual cravings. It was as though cooking satisfied my “hunger” (not that I felt hungry a lot of times while on a diet because I didn’t). I also kept myself busy so I didn’t dwell so much on the food that I was missing. Most importantly, as I saw myself being able to fit into my nicer, smaller-sized clothes again, I felt so good inside. I guess I really like being slightly smaller because I’m so fond of small, cute dresses!

      It’s different with every person – what makes one feel good inside. You gotta identify what it is about yourself that makes you feel good inside and use that as your motivation. You also gotta identify what is most important to you. For some people, it’s just about fitting into smaller-sized clothing and looking good physically. For others, it’s more the long-term health benefits that they get from the diet – feeling more energetic, having a stronger immune system, clearer skin, etc. – that keeps them motivated and committed. I will probably write a separate post about this because there’s just so much to say on the subject; but I wish you well. Give it a try and if you need some encouragement, I’ll be here. :)

  17. jody

    Hi, just want to ask if it is okay if I add 1 cup of coffee every morning?thanks

  18. Raquel Garganta

    Hi. I want to try this seven day weight loss plan. I’ll give you feedback soon. Btw, green tea without any sweetener is fine, right? Can’t wait to see if this will work for me. Thanks for posting this guide. :)

  19. Mel

    Im drinking lemon water for all the time. Will it be okay ? And thanks for this awesome blog. Gonna give it a try. :D

  20. Dandy

    I love your website. This is cool!
    Can I combine fruits with oatmeal – with less sweetener?

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Dandy! Thank you for your comment. :)

      One cup of oatmeal – whether regular, quick-cooking or instant – cooked with water has about 166 calories. Since one of the factors that make this weight loss plan a success is keeping your daily caloric intake to a minimum, you’ll just have to skip the oats, at least while you’re on this 7-Day plan. After you’re done with it, you may reintroduce oats into your diet but still control your portions. Hope this helps. :)

  21. lyn


    Thanks for posting such good diet plan.What other exercise could I do while doing this diet?after the 7days what kind of foods should be eat next?tnx im having my first day of the diet plan hopefully it would be effective for me

    • Myla Upshaw

      Only light exercises – as demonstrated in the video above – are recommended, Lyn. If you want to keep going after the 7 days are over, I don’t see why you can’t start all over again and do another 7 days until you reach your weight goal. However, I don’t recommend prolonging it beyond two weeks since your body needs other nutrients and vitamins that you can only get from other food sources. For maintenance, I would strongly advise cutting back on your sugar intake (avoid softdrinks, sweets and pastries, white rice, white bread, etc), drink lots of water (at least 64 ounces or about 2 liters a day, increase your fiber intake (muesli or oats for breakfast instead of bread and pancakes, more raw fruits and vegetables)

  22. Marjs

    Hello guys, gustong gusto ko talaga pumayat nagawa ko na siya dati tapos tumaba ulit ako ngaun nahihiya na ako magsuot ng damit..hindi ko kasi alam kung kaya ko e..

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hello, Marjs!

      Hindi talaga tayo pare-pareho when it comes to our body’s response and ability to adapt to different diet programs. Talagang hahanapin mo kung saan ka hiyang, which one works for you, which one motivates you the best. But a person’s ability to stay committed to whatever diet plan she chooses, that has to do with what goes on in her mind and in her heart. Just because you don’t think na kakayanin mo itong Diet Plan na ito, doesn’t mean na wala nang pag-asa na ma-lose mo yung gusto mong i-lose. You just first need to identify why you want to do it, why you think you need to do it and what your motivation is going to be. Then make a decision and stick with it. Losing weight permanently goes far beyond just following a diet plan for a week or a month. It’s more about lifestyle change – a total lifestyle makeover. Little changes that you will implement can make a lasting impact on your overall wellbeing, and bonus na lang yung weight loss, in the grand scheme of things.

      I promise to publish a post very soon that will discuss that subject more in detail. I commend you for your honesty. Thank you. I wish you well! :)

  23. ysh

    hi myla! :) i found also an article quite similar to this. lose 10 pounds a week by :) anyhoo, i want to ask for milk.. can i use soy milk? like vitamilk?

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, ysh!

      I did mention Bilaras somewhere in the post above. Please scroll up for the update on that. The answer to your questions: (1) No milk (any kind of milk) until Day 4; (2) Any juice packaged and sold at supermarkets is considered processed. You will want to stay away from that and anything processed as much as you can if you want to successfully lose weight.

      Thank you for your comments. Good luck!

  24. ysh

    oh and for fruit juice, can i also drink the TIPCO brocolli juice?

  25. emy

    I’ll try this po ma’am. Minsan po kc ang hirap s diet plan kapag nasa office. Wala n tlgang time pra iprepare ung mga kailangan n food. Pero susubukan ko po tlga ito. Thank you po!!!

  26. Ksha

    Hi! nice blog.
    What can I substitute with rice? I don’t eat rice, for almost 3 years now.
    I have problems digesting them.

  27. anna

    Hi can i include boiled sweet potatoes on veggies days? Tnx nd hoping 4 ur reply, will start this 7 day diet 2mrw, hoping i will last haha nd tnx 4 publishing this:)

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Anna! Sweet potatoes, albeit healthier than potatoes, are still starchy. We’re trying to avoid starchy food for this diet plan. So I’d say stick with green leafy veggies while you’re on this diet. :)

  28. anna

    And about the veg soup, can i substitute the veg broth for 1 chix or beef cube to make it? Tnx again

    • Myla Upshaw

      I won’t recommend it. Chicken and beef cubes are all but processed, artificial flavorings that contain high amounts of sodium and other chemicals. You certainly would want to stay away from them, not just for this diet plan but in general. If you want something fast for your broth, you can get organic vegetable broth from supermarkets or health stores. If you live in Manila, Healthy Options has them. :)

  29. trina

    Excited but at the same time afraid. But i think i need this to jump start my weight loss agenda. I think i need to shed off 40 to 50 lbs. Didnt you feel the hunger pangs while on this diet??? Thanks!

  30. Alyssa

    Really want to try this. But it’s so hard if you’re working and everybody has their “rice meal”. Anyway, after 7 days, anu next na gagawin? thanks!

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Alyssa! Yeah, I know what you mean. Ako nga, I was on a Master Cleanse Detox one time, then I had to attend a friend’s birthday party. Buffet pa yun! Pinagpawisan ako ng ga-munggo at ga-mais! Hahaha! Anyway, 7 days lang naman ito. You can do this! After the 7 days, and if you are really serious about keeping the weight off or losing more gradually, I strongly suggest that you start making small changes in your eating habits so that you don’t end up putting all the weight back on again. One example of this would be replacing your regular rice with the healthier brown rice, or better yet, quinoa. Quinoa is as satisfying as rice but much, much healthier for you and kinder to your figure! Check out my post about these lifestyle changes. Hope it helps! :)

  31. Reizel Tolentino

    hi! thanks for this:)
    just want to ask if you have any long term diet plan that you can share with us

  32. mafel

    Hi! Thanks for posting this blog..i’m at the lowest peak of my selfsteem right now..coz im gaining a triple weight..your blog is a great help..i hope it will work on me..

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Mafel! First of all, thank you so much for your very reassuring comment. I sincerely appreciate it! :)

      Second, if you’re wanting to lose a lot of weight, the hard truth is there’s no short cut to it. The 7 Day Weight Loss Plan will help you lose more or less 10 lbs. in a week (depending on how serious and committed you are to the program), but losing more weight than that calls for a rigorous lifestyle overhaul that cannot be done overnight, not even a week. It will take a month or a few months for any noticeable changes to take effect, but if you stay committed and if it’s truly that important to you, the results are guaranteed. It’s a decision only YOU can make. Your motivation will have to come from deep within you.

      Don’t lose hope. Don’t be discouraged. May kasabihan nga tayo, “Habang may buhay, may pag-asa” (“While there’s life, there’s hope”); but the key word there is ‘life’. You have to keep living! You have to make sure first that you’re not putting yourself at risk of dying early due to unhealthy habits. Eliminate everything in your lifestyle that is making you sick. Only then can you truly improve the quality of your life. A healthy lifestyle will not only literally add years to your life but also improve its quality. You will not only look great, you will feel great! I hope you ponder this and if you have any more questions, I’ll be here to answer them. :)

  33. Myla Upshaw

    Hey, Guys! I’m deeply amazed, humbled and grateful for your overwhelming support and interest in this particular blog post. I’m happy to know that this post is continuing to inspire and help so many of you, just as the original creator of this diet plan has also helped me. It is an honor to be able to share it with you, Guys. Many of you asked how to keep the weight off after the 7 days are over or how to stay motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. In response to that, y’all might want to check out my post on the “12 Healthier Lifestyle Changes That Truly Make A Difference“. Thank y’all again! :)

  34. Yssa

    Hi po! I’m a college student, pwede po ba siya for me? Tiyaka, meron din po akong ulcer parang hindi ko po ata kaya na fruits lang for the whole day. :)

  35. Anne

    Hi, I’m on day 4, would almond coconut milk be okay as a replacement for milk. LOVE this plan but, have gotten scale yet going to try to hold out until I nske it through day and see one big number I hope!

  36. Mnc

    Hi! What preparation/s did you do before starting this diet? Is it ok to eat as much as I want a day before starting this?

    • Myla Upshaw

      I didn’t really have any special rituals or anything like that prior to starting. I just had my regular meals and I was fine since this was not a total fast, not like the Master Cleanse or a water or juice fast. I wouldn’t recommend pigging out though. :)

  37. janice

    hi myla. ano po preferably eat mo sa day 6 and day 7? nde po ba pwede mag add ng fruits sa day 6 and 7?

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