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The Facebook Timeline Revisited

Posted by on Mar 4, 2012

The Facebook Timeline Revisited

In September of last year, I first blogged about the new Facebook Timeline and I even provided some screen shots of the procedure for activating the new user interface.  That time, the Timeline was on its “special developers preview” stage.  Now, the Timeline is up for grabs and every Facebook user who wishes to upgrade his profile to this new look may do so anytime.   Since the Timeline went live worldwide some time in January of this year, the procedure has distinctly changed from that which I showed in my previous post.

I’ve received messages from some blog readers expressing their frustrations over how the steps I showed didn’t bring about the result they expected.  For a while, I too was puzzled as to why that was the case with them.  I later on figured that they were trying to activate the Timeline AFTER it went live.  That is why it gives me great pleasure to report to y’all that the steps in the procedure on how to change your Facebook  profile to the new Timeline has been further simplified and that upgrading your profile  is now as simple and as easy as ONE click of a button!  You read that right, guys.  Just one click and voila!  You’ll be looking at your new Facebook Timeline.

Here, let me show you what I mean…

If you are still viewing your Facebook profile in its old format, at the top of the page, you’ll surely see a box like this.

new timeline step1 The Facebook Timeline Revisited

Simply click on the “Get Timeline” button.

*Note: If you are unsure about upgrading your profile to the new Timeline, I suggest that you do not be too hasty in clicking this button since there is NO WAY to get back the old profile after this.  Yes, it is a point of no return


new timeline step2 The Facebook Timeline Revisited

Immediately after clicking the “Get Timeline” button, this is what you’re gonna see.  So, didn’t I tell you that it will be just ONE click of a button?


Touring Your Timeline

Step 1: Choose Your Cover Photo

new timeline step3 The Facebook Timeline Revisited


Step 2: Everything At One Glance

Here, it shows you just where exactly on your profile you’ll need to look if you want to view your profile info, the people on your friends list, the pages that you like, applications you subscribe to, your photo albums, etc.

new timeline step4 The Facebook Timeline Revisited


Step 3: Keep Track Of All Your Activity (and I mean ALL!)

Note: This feature is visible only to you, so relax! icon smile The Facebook Timeline Revisited

new timeline step5 The Facebook Timeline Revisited


Step 4:  A New Way To View Your Profile – Your New Digital Scrapbook!

new timeline step6 The Facebook Timeline Revisited


Step 5: You Choose Which Stories To Highlight or To Hide

new timeline step7 The Facebook Timeline Revisited


Step 6: Further “Personalize” Your Timeline

new timeline step8 The Facebook Timeline Revisited


And after you’re done touring your Timeline and familiarizing yourself with this new look, simply click on ”End Tour”.

If you are happy with the way your new Timeline looks, you can immediately click on the “Publish” button at the top of the page so that your new profile becomes visible to all your friends as well.  Otherwise, you can just wait for your new Timeline to go “LIVE” after seven days.

new timeline steps The Facebook Timeline Revisited


My FacebookTimeline

This is what my Timeline looks like right now.

new timeline MyMy The Facebook Timeline Revisited

new timeline sample 2 The Facebook Timeline Revisited

new timeline sample 3 The Facebook Timeline Revisited

Still Don’t Want To Deal With The Facebook Timeline?

OK, so you’ve read through everything I’ve explained above (thanks for that, by the way).  Hopefully, armed with this information and a strong desire to make it happen, you fall into the category of people who will be able to just go and get it done.  However, what if that’s not you?  There are other types of people who might be reading this post:

  • People who, no matter what, just can’t get their heads around what I’ve written here (which is perfectly understandable, by the way)
  • People who simply don’t have the time to go in and do all of this
  • People who don’t realize how important it is to make this happen for themselves

If you fall into any of these categories, take heart; you’re not alone, AND the good news for you is that there is still hope.  However, before I address the solution, one important point needs to be made:

Like it or not, understand it or not, Facebook timeline is here to stay.  By the end of March, all Facebook profiles AND business pages MUST use the timeline format!

There will no longer be an option to continue using the old version of your Facebook profile, and the same is true for your Facebook pages.

The Facebook Timeline: My Honest Opinion

After careful and thorough research, and to quote Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg,

“Once you switch over to FB Timeline, you cannot go back to your previous profile.”

Now, on its face, that might sound like a bad thing to you and me, but if you’ll indulge me for a moment, I think that we can and should look at this in a positive light (especially since there is nothing we can really do about it now, anyway… right?).

In truth, the FB timeline really is a fresh, new way of looking at Facebook and of sharing your information with your friends (and the rest of the world).  In my opinion, it is much easier to navigate, allowing users to jump from one specific point in time to another (e. g. you’re looking for specific posts or updates from last year, etc.).  I think that FB Timeline is definitely more fun in terms of design in the way it displays your photos and other activities. So, since we can’t do anything about it anyway, unless you’re prepared to walk away from Facebook all together, I would encourage you to embrace the new design and setup, and let’s just try to work through any challenges together. icon wink The Facebook Timeline Revisited Anyway, I’m sure Facebook will be continuing to make things more “user friendly” going forward, so that this isn’t so challenging for us non-geeks.

Regarding privacy and security settings in Facebook, the changes may take a little getting used to.  However, in my humble opinion, in the grand scheme of things, this is a minor hurdle to overcome in the Facebook user experience.  In fact, I find it much easier now to change settings with the new FB timeline than was the case with the old Facebook profile setup.  With the old format, for example, it used to be that after a shoutout has been posted, there was no way to edit the privacy settings (choosing which specific audience can view that post).  With the Timeline, you can easily change your mind as many times as you want.

I also find that everything is more organized now, being able to find all of the links to my groups, apps, pages in one place –> the left side panel of my Home page.  Towards the upper right corner of the Home page, you will find all the notifications for your friends’ birthdays, upcoming events and pending requests for games or apps.

new timeline sample Homepage 1024x664 The Facebook Timeline Revisited

Again, since we have no choice but to just accept this (based on what Mark Zuckerberg said), it may be wise to just try to familiarize ourselves more with the new Facebook Timeline and enjoy it in the process, as opposed to fighting it or complaining about it. icon smile The Facebook Timeline Revisited

That’s what I think.  How about you?


cd39c3337f68e167a588cd7962f06bb7 The Facebook Timeline Revisited



mymy 20440 57x57 The Facebook Timeline Revisited

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