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OOTD: Everything ‘Bout The Girl

Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

OOTD: Everything ‘Bout The Girl

I’ve never seen a finer display of feminine grace as when a girl wears a dress.  Think about it — when we (ladies) put on a dress, we instantly refrain from being loud and rowdy, or wild and tough.  We watch how we sit, stand and walk.  We start speaking and behaving with a touch of class.  We feel (and actually become) transformed from being “just one of the guys” to being a Princess Di or a Jackie O.

I know that to embrace one’s femininity is very tough in this day and age when women have been left with no other choice but to fulfill roles traditionally filled by men.  Furthermore, being feminine is often mistaken for being weak.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  All these concerns shouldn’t keep us from seizing every opportunity that comes our way, ladies, to display a bit of our femininity because to do so is to celebrate the very essence of who we are — A GIFT TO MANKIND!  Now that’s power right there.  icon smile OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl


Everything ‘Bout The Girl Anniversary Party

For the 1st anniversary celebration of Everything ‘Bout The Girl last Saturday, I was adamant on finding an outfit that would make me look all girly-girl (after all, the website is about exploring and embracing everything about being a girl). So, when I saw this dress from Baby Phat, I thought, “This is IT!  This is THE dress for me!”.

EBTG Party 1a OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

EBTG Party 2a OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

So let me talk about this dress…  First of all, the Tangelo and Thulian Pink colors had me drawn to this dress BIG TIME!  Second, a strapless bodice never fails to make your neckline and shoulders look irresistibly sexy.  I must acknowledge too that this is one of the few clothes I have seen that do not make me look “wide” despite the horizontal stripes.  I also love the way the bodice extends just below my hipbone, giving my petite frame a more elongated look.  Best of all, I love the way it accentuates all my curves in a flattering way.  icon smile OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

EBTG Party 3a OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

In my opinion, the full skirt gave this dress that sweet, dainty, “baby doll” look.  Wouldn’t you agree?

EBTG Party 7a OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

Check out the back detail!  This gorgeous mini dress is fastened by nothing else but a gold zipper and black garter straps back closure.

EBTG Party 8a OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

To draw focus down to my waist, I added this garterized belt with a really attractive gold buckle to my outfit.  The fact that it’s garterized made it blend seamlessly with the garter straps on the back of my dress.  My choice for accessories was inspired by this belt too.

EBTG Party 4a OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

EBTG Party 5a1 OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

EBTG Party 6a OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

Finally, to complete my “girly-girl” look, for this OOTD, I chose these closed-toe stiletto platform heels specifically because of its T-strap, which is reminiscent of a schoolgirl’s shoes.

EBTG Party 9a OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

So that’s it for today’s OOTD post.  What do you think about my look? If you feel inspired by this look, may I encourage you to share photos of you wearing your own girly-girl dress? Don’t be shy, okay?

Dress: Baby Phat;  Shoes: Sole Desire Los Angeles, USA;

Necklace & Cuff Bracelet: a’postrophe;  Belt: Haze

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mymy 20440 57x57 OOTD: Everything Bout The Girl

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  1. Ruth Ojeda

    need i say more? you looked fabulous!!! i loved the dress, loved the shoes!!! (how i wish i had a body like that!!). keep it up!!! you put the oooohh….. in ooohhlala!!! :) Wonderful!

  2. Stacy

    Such a very lovely dress!!! You carry it so well too. Very Nice.

  3. Jannah

    That dress is so beautiful and looks gorgeous on you, Ms. MyMy! Is Baby Phat expensive? I only see them in Rustan’s Malls.

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Jannah. Thank you so much for the compliment. Baby Phat is a bit on the pricey side, yes, but I’m very happy with the few purchases I’ve made, quality and style-wise. Their designs never fail to make a lady the center of attention at parties. :)

  4. Eve

    Gorgeous dress! Lovin’ your style here, Mymy!

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