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What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop

Posted by on Sep 15, 2013

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop

What is it about makeup that we, Ladies, find so irresistible, that even though we already have four tubes of mascara, eight different palettes of eyeshadow, and an army of lipsticks, we still can’t get enough of them?

I’m not about to answer that question because I simply can’t.  It will always be one of those unsolved mysteries of womanhood.

All I know is that each time I walk right by the cosmetics section of a department store, and try as I may to quicken my pace to get to the nearest exit, there’s just something about those pans and bottles of shimmery, velvety, colorful delights all lined up on the shelves of these makeup counters that keep calling out to me… begging for attention!

What else can I say?  I’m a certified, self-proclaimed makeup addict! (LOL)

However, as weak-in-the-knees as I get at the mere sight of makeup, it takes a whole lot more to convince me to buy a particular makeup product.  I would go through the normal process of reading online reviews, considering personal recommendations by people whose beauty knowledge and opinions I trust, and adding all that to my own insights from testing a sample.  If I’m totally satisfied on all levels, a hefty price tag oftentimes doesn’t hold me back or discourage me.  I simply believe that the many benefits I get from investing in good makeup are worth more than the amount I end up paying for.


The MAC Technique Workshop

MAC Cosmetics is well-known not only for manufacturing superior-quality makeup but also for being so darn pricey.  However, it is also one of those brands I do not hesitate splurging on from time to time (unless I find another brand that has the exact same qualities for less).

On the rare occasion that a cosmetics brand like MAC holds a makeup workshop either to promote a new line or simply to reward their customers, I’d say that no woman in her right mind would let that chance slip by without first moving heaven and hell to try to be there.  Ain’t that right, ladies?  ;)

MAC Cosmetics did hold a MAC Technique Workshop last July (I know, this post is long overdue!) and I was among those who were privileged enough to attend the event.  MAC New Zealand Senior Artist, Amber Dreadon, shared some valuable tips, secrets and techniques in recreating two of the most gorgeous makeup trends we see these days on famous celebrities.

For the rest of this post, I will let the photos do the talking, and later on, I will share with you how I then recreated (on myself) one of the looks demonstrated by Amber Dreadon.

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

MAC Technique Workshop Invite


How To Get The Smoky Eye

Amber Dreadon’s first lesson was on how to get the Smoky Eye look, starting off with preparing and priming the model’s skin using MAC Prep + Prime products.

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

Amber Dreadon didn’t waste any time. She started the workshop promptly.

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

Amber Dreadon shows the step-by-step process of creating a Smoky Eye look.

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

She explains why doing certain techniques are better and easier…

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

…and which MAC products work best for achieving this look.


How To Wear Red Lipstick

Next lesson was how to wear the red lipstick.  Amber Dreadon basically stressed the same point that all makeup enthusiasts and experts have been making — go light on the eyes when you’re going for red lips!

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

Amber prepped and primed her model’s skin before the event started so her demonstration began with the eye makeup.

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

In no time, we were moving fast towards the main subject of this tutorial: the lips!


Question & Answer Portion

Following the two makeup demos was a brief Q&A portion with MAC New Zealand Senior Artist and MAC Technique  Workshop mentor, Amber Dreadon.  Even after the workshop/program formally ended, she welcomed more questions and made time for a “meet & greet” with the attendees.

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

Refreshments were also served courtesy of Bizu Patisserie but I didn’t take any photos of the buffet since I felt that doing so at that time would have annoyed some of the ladies there, so I had to “play it by ear” (as a blogger, I realize that I have the responsibility to be conscientious and more sensitive when it comes to things like that, even if it means leaving the event with only a #selfie shot to show for!).  :)


Other Things I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop

by Amber Dreadon

I wish I could just write down everything that Amber Dreadon did and say at the workshop but that’s really the point of going to a workshop:  to watch the actual step-by-step process that words alone cannot fully describe.  That is also why being able to attend such workshops is a privilege that I do not take for granted.  Other than sharing with you, guys, a video recording of the makeup demos she did (which, of course, I do not have), the best that I can do is to share these photos with you instead.  That, and a few other things that Amber said that I thought were especially noteworthy:

    • Amber used the MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance as makeup base for both makeup looks she demonstrated.
    • She also swears by MAC Fix+ as her personal “tried & tested” makeup finishing product that effectively holds makeup in place and minimizes the need for touch-ups.
(L) MAC Fix+; (R) MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance

(L) MAC Fix+; (R) MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance

    • When you’re doing the Smoky Eye look, sticking to a nude lipstick would be the best way to go.  I forgot which MAC nude lipstick Amber used but here are a few of the best nude lipsticks by MAC that I can personally recommend:
MAC Nude Lipstick Collage

(L-R) MAC Japanese Maple, Myth, Cherish and Shanghai Spice

    • Amber used the MAC Ruby Woo on her model for the “Red Lipstick” makeup demo, and swears that it is THE best MAC red lipstick ever!  If you find that Ruby Woo is not your shade, try these other equally gorgeous red lipsticks by MAC (I love ‘em all!):
MAC Red Lipstick Collage

(L-R) MAC Relentlessly Red, Ladybug, MAC Red and Ruby Woo


My “MAC Technique” Application

I would like to end my post with this:

What I Learned From The MAC Technique Workshop |

I’m wearing MAC Ruby Woo here.

Tadaaahhh!!!  This is my attempt at recreating the “Red Lips” look that I learned from MAC Technique Workshop, as demonstrated by Amber Dreadon.  Do you guys like it?  Please let me know if you have any questions.  :)




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