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Unboxing My November BDJ Box

Posted by on Dec 23, 2012

Unboxing My November BDJ Box

Last October, I unwrapped my first BDJ Box right here on MyMy Blog.  I’ve recently published my reviews of two of the products sampled in that box —  L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Skin Luminating BB Cream and Eternity AQUA by Calvin Klein, while I did my review of Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Facial Scrub months before the launch of the BDJ Box.

On December 14th, my November BDJ Box arrived.  Because the contents of my October box did not disappoint me, I was really looking forward to this box.  I’m very happy to say that this one lived up to my expectations as well.   icon smile Unboxing My November BDJ Box

The first thing I noticed was that this box wasn’t as heavy as the October BDJ Box.  But if I had thought even for a split second that weight was any indication that less could be expected from this box, then I wouldn’t have been more wrong.

Nov BDJ 2a 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

Nov BDJ 3a 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

Nov BDJ 5a 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

The theme for the November BDJ Box was “Take Me With You”, showcasing products ideal for quick getaways — from skincare, to hygiene, to fragrance.

Nov BDJ 6b 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

A note from the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry (Kat, Barbi, Erica, Kate, Nicole, Tara) and the BDJ Box Team.

Nov BDJ 8a 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

Nov BDJ 16a 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

Similar to what was in the October box, the November BDJ Box also had five stickers, one of them saying, “I make things beautiful” and the other four, “You make things beautiful”.

Nov BDJ 9a 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

Now this is the part that I really enjoy: The five (5) tasks written on the back of the welcome note.  This month’s set of tasks was different from last month’s since it doesn’t have anything to do with what the stickers are for or who I’m supposed to give them to.  The November BDJ Box tasks are certainly worthy of a separate blog post!

  • Make a list of the three most beautiful places you’ve been.
  • Is there a single beauty product you need to put on to make yourself feel beautiful?
  • Tell us your personal beauty mantra.
  • What do you think makes Filipinas beautiful?
  • How will you make this holiday season beautiful and meaningful?

Nov BDJ 7b 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

The product samples described in details:

  1. Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream, 20ml
  2. Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume, 100ml
  3. Nippon Cleansing Sponge, 10-piece pack
  4. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Night Emulsion, 50ml
  5. Physiogel Hypoallergenic Intensive Cream, 50ml
  6. L’Occitane Extra Gentle Milk Soap, 250g x 2
  7. Dentiste Plus White Vitamin C and Xylitol
  8. Yuka Non-Acetone Wipes, 35 sheets
  9. L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Multi-Action 8 Cleanser
  10. Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream, 50ml
  11. L’Oreal Professionel, Strip Upper Lip Waxing, Shiseido FREE product samples, quick facial and 15% discount, and L’Occitane 10% OFF gift vouchers

Nov BDJ 10b 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

Nov BDJ 11a 2 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

It’s the same cute little sticker with the BDJ logo that held the vellum paper liner together.

Nov BDJ 13a 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

And this is what was underneath all the wrapping… What a sight to behold! (sigh)

Nov BDJ 15a 1 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

Beauty treasures abound!!!

Nov BDJ 19a  Unboxing My November BDJ Box

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to BDJ Box now!
cd39c3337f68e167a588cd7962f06bb7 Unboxing My November BDJ Box



mymy 20440 57x57 Unboxing My November BDJ Box

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L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Skin Luminating BB Cream

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