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Top 5 Makeup Trends Of 2012

Posted by on Jul 16, 2012

Top 5 Makeup Trends Of 2012

I’m always keeping my eyes open for the latest in beauty and makeup trends.  That’s because the creativity of women these days when it comes to makeup application fascinates me to no end.

You see, from my perspective, the practice of makeup application in this generation has truly emerged as a form of art as much as it has as an industry and legitimate profession.  (Hence the term “makeup artist“).  As any makeup artist will tell you, just like other types of artists, being a makeup artist is very much an expression of what’s inside the artist and/or their own interpretation of the object (in this case, the person to whom they are applying makeup).  In my view (and I think the facts will bear this out), this is one of many reasons that the profession of makeup artists nowadays has become so well-respected all around the globe.


My “Procedure” When It Comes To New Makeup Trends

To be clear, I don’t mean to suggest that I follow every new makeup trend that comes along, even if 99% of the population decides to go for that particular trend.  Before recommending it to others either privately or publicly in places such as this blog, when looking at new makeup trends, I first do some sort of a trial session in my home and take lots of pictures and comments from “Big Daddy” (my beloved husband) and my daughter Arra, taking note if the makeup trend I was testing fulfilled its purpose — which was to enhance my best features.   If for some reason the feedback that I get is  that I look ridiculous (or some variation thereof), that would be my cue to leave the trend to runway models and those who can pull it off better than I could, (and perhaps to make fun of the trend here as nothing more than a passing crazy fad!  ;-)  LOL).


Current Makeup Trends For 2012

Now that half of 2012 is already gone, I think it’s safe to go ahead and share with you my own personal picks for the top makeup trends of 2012 (so far).  In my humble opinion, these five makeup trends are very forgiving (in the sense that it can look good on women of varying shades of complexion, eye color, skin type, etc).  I hope that you’ll love them too and that you’ll try at least one of them and explore the possibilities … that is, if you’re interested in keeping up with the makeup trends this year!  Enjoy!


Red and Nude Lips

It’s that never-ending battle between “innocent” and “sultry”, “angelic” and “sexy”, “saint” and “sinner”.  If you want to make the most of this particular makeup trend when it comes to your lips, try going for the nude at daytime, and red at night.  However, to flawlessly wear the red lipstick, you’ll have to choose the right shades for your eyeshadow.  Otherwise, it might clash rather than work with your lip color.  The nude lip color, on the other hand, is neutral and will work with any eye makeup color.


Bare-Eyed Mascara

To achieve this look, absolutely no eyeliner should be used.  The extra pop and drama to your eyes will all have to come from and depend this time on your lashes, curler and mascara.  The eyeshadow will also have to be kept down to a very subtle shade to make the lashes stand out even more.  This is actually perfect for a daytime, no-makeup look.


Metallic Eyeshadow

Just remind yourself to go easy on the eyeshadow so that you don’t end up looking like an alien (unless you really are going for the “Lady Gaga” look).


Thicker, Fuller Eyebrows

Think “Audrey Hepburn”… ’nuff said!


Kitten Eye

It’s all about the li’l flick at the end of the eye line.  The difference between a cat eye makeup and a kitten eye makeup is the thickness of the line that runs across the eyelids.  To get the kitten eye look, you’ll just have to draw a very thin line across your upper eyelid, starting from the inner corner, and only slightly increasing the thickness right at the center and until you reach the outer corner, then adding a tiny, upturned flick.  Make sure to draw your line very close to the lash line to achieve a more natural look and to avoid having a strip of flesh peeping through.  To make this look even more sexy, try putting on a few individual falsies along the outer corner of the eyes; that should give your eyes that extra oomph!

This is me sporting my kitten eyes! Meeeow!!!



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  1. jingjing

    would love to try the kitten eye..:) ganda pics mo ha flawless :)

  2. tin

    i’m doing the kitten eye for a wedding this saturday. i hope i can pull it off! haven’t practiced putting on my own make up in centuries, expired na ata makeup ko. LOL


    Thanks for this nice site! This is one of the best wordpress blogs I have seen. I’ll show this article to some of my friends who are also interested in makeup. But in the meantime I need to say thank you again and great job!

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