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For Your Eyes Only

Posted by on Sep 30, 2014

For Your Eyes Only

“The eyes are the window to your soul.” (Shakespeare)

I wonder if it was the Bible from which Shakespeare got the idea for his famous quote:

“The eye is the lamp of the body.  If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22)

The way I see it, the two quotes can have both spiritual and physical applications.  

The eyes are a great indicator of one’s emotional state.  If you’re sad or troubled, angry or worried, it will show in your eyes.  Likewise, the eyes reveal one’s physical or health conditions.  If you’re exhausted or if you’re sick, that too can be seen in your eyes.

On the aesthetics, the skin around the eyes are also the first to reveal signs of aging.  The skin around the eye contour area is so delicate that it’s more susceptible than any other part of the human body to the harmful rays of the sun, free radicals and other environmental factors that trigger stress and hasten aging; not to mention all the rubbing and scratching we do to it!

I have been asked so many times about my “secrets” for keeping my skin youthful-looking (Aaww… Thanks, you Guys! <blush>).  More specifically, the requests have been about any advice I have for preventing early wrinkles from forming around the delicate eye area, or asking me to share my personal routine skincare for eyes.  This post is in response to all those questions and requests sent in by my wonderful MyMy Blog readers.


Skincare For Eyes: My Routine

Let me begin by telling y’all that my skincare routine for eyes is really simple.  I only keep and use three products, that’s all.  To be honest, I don’t have any drawn-out, weird ceremony for my eyes.  However, for this post, I will only mention products that I actually use and can vouch for.  There might be other products or brands out there that are also very good but I wouldn’t know (and therefore I can’t recommend) because I tend to stick with products that I’ve personally proven to be effective.  If you’re currently using something else that you’re happy with, by all means, stick with that, because as I said, I really don’t do anything out of the ordinary as far as my routine goes.  We probably only differ in the products we use and that’s why I’m writing this post – to simply share what products I personally use.  If you see something here that you haven’t already incorporated into your own routine, and you’re feeling a little adventurous, go ahead and give it a try! :)


Eye Makeup Remover

Skincare for the eyes always begins with cleansing.  Investing in a really good eye makeup remover is extremely important. You’ll need one that is gentle (doesn’t sting) on the eyes but tough enough to remove all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara, with very minimal effort on your part (which means you don’t need to do a lot of rubbing to get the mascara off).

I personally use MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover.  This product really works like magic when it comes to removing waterproof mascara – quick and thorough.  I’ve been using it for years and I’m quite satisfied with it.

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover

When I travel, or I’m too sleepy to wash my face (especially after a night-out with friends), I use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes.  It can be used on the entire face, including the eyes.  The best part about this product is that the formulation is so gentle (I use it for removing the makeup along my waterline and it doesn’t sting my eyes), yet it gets the waterproof mascara with very minimal effort.  Only one towelette is all that’s needed to thoroughly remove my eye makeup.  The towelettes are made of very soft material, not at all abrasive to the skin.  Of course, the next best thing is that there’s no need to rinse!

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

If you can’t purchase either of the two products I mentioned from your local makeup counter, one other highly effective eye makeup remover is one of my favorite all-natural products: virgin coconut oil.  Not only is this widely available and affordable, it also has amazing antimicrobial and skin hydrating properties, which makes it a three-in-one product actually when it comes to skincare for eyes: 

  • eye makeup remover
  • antimicrobial
  • moisturizer

Simply moisten a cotton pad with warm water, add 2-3 drops of coconut oil and use it to wipe off your eye shadow.  The water in the cotton pad will take care of any water-based makeup, while the coconut oil will take care of the oil-based makeup.  To remove your mascara, dip a Q-tip (cotton bud) in coconut oil, squeeze out excess oil and gently rub it along your lash line.

Coconut Oil (Image Credit:

Coconut Oil (Image Credit:


Day-And-Night Eye Cream

Now, most eye makeup remover won’t require rinsing, but if the product you’re using requires it, then make sure you thoroughly rinse your eye area before moving on to the next step: moisturizing.

Those of you who follow the MyMy Blog are probably familiar with the next product I’m gonna talk about.

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Eye Cream

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

The Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Eye Cream is my day-and-night eye cream and by far, the best eye cream I have ever used.  I reviewed this product back in April of last yeal and I still stand by my testimony.  I apply it around the eye area after cleansing, gently patting it on until the skin absorbs it.



So that’s it, Guys!  There’s my two cents on skincare for eyes, and those are my trusted buddies that have consistently done a great job for me. Keep in mind that not all eye products are truly gentle on the eyes.  Even the ones that claim to be the best eye cream or eye makeup remover can contain potentially harmful ingredients.  I personally tried a few products in the past that were supposedly intended for the delicate eye area but ended up stinging or irritating my eyes.  I immediately ditched them.  The eyes are the most sensitive organ of the body and the most prone to irritation so as a general rule, unless you’re using a product you have used before and have proven to be effective and safe, always check the label for the complete list of product ingredients (if you can’t spell it or you can’t pronounce it, you probably don’t want it in your eye care products).  Also, avoid getting any of the product in your eyes.

If you prefer more of the homemade stuff for the eyes (eye cream, eye bags and dark circles treatment), just like the D.I.Y. Coconut Oil Eye Makeup Remover I suggested earlier, I will publish a separate blog post on that within the next few weeks under the “Your Home, Your Spa” series.  Please check back soon.

One last thing I must stress:  There is no cosmetic that is more potent than a good amount of sleep, a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook.  So, give as much attention to taking care of yourself from the inside as you would from the outside, so that anybody looking into your eyes would not see signs of stress but only the inner light radiating from your soul. :)





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