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Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

Posted by on Dec 22, 2014

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

DISCLAIMER:   I am not affiliated in any way with the Mari Verona brand nor do I earn any commission from any sale that might result from this post.  This wasn’t a paid blog post, either.  All Mari Verona Skin Therapy products that were featured in this post were sent to me for the sole purpose of testing and for me to give my unbiased, honest review on.


I love trying out new products.  The thought of possibly discovering a breakthrough product (and being among the first to try it) excites me to no end!  So when my friend Mari Joyce Sigua-Pontillas, owner and founder of Mari Verona Skin Therapy, offered to send me some of her products for testing and review, I couldn’t have been more delighted to help her out!

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review


Mari Verona Skin Therapy

Mari Joyce (or simply Joyce to her friends) is an experienced licensed Laser Tech and Aesthetician.  She came up with the idea of venturing into this business while in the process of looking for professional, performing and affordable skincare products for her clients.  She wanted gentle and naturopathic products that are both beneficial and safe for her clients.

According to Mari Joyce, Mari Verona Skin Therapy prides itself for offering products that were created from the best traditional and natural ingredients, and whose formulas are composed of nothing but the most effective and purest of ingredients.

“The best thing (about Mari Verona Skin Therapy) is that we keep our prices affordable.  We want the world to discover that skin care does not have to be costly.  Mari Verona is a name brand that gives quality products that give results and at the same time affordable.  I (also) love it when my clients tell me that people start noticing their skin after using my products and their friends start to use my products as well.” ~ Marijoyce Sigua-Pontillas, Mari Verona SkinTherapy

By the way, “Mari” obviously came from Joyce’s first name, while “Verona” – which represents, beauty, love and elegance – came from Joyce’s favorite city in Italy.


My First Impressions and Review of Mari Verona Skin Therapy

After a month of using the products, here are my first impressions and observations.

Silky Cleanser

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

“Skin Refining for Normal-to-dry, Dry, And Sensitive Skin – A light foaming cleanser.  It lifts away dirt, make up, and other impurities without stripping the essential lipids the skin needs to stay healthy and hydrated.  Helps to keep the skin clear and smooth textured thanks to a potent blend of fresh sea waters, botanical extracts, and gentle seaweed.”

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

The Mari Verona Silky (Facial) Cleanser smells like vanilla.  It lathers up really easily, but tends to be dry and sticky if moistened only with very little water.  Adding a little bit more water creates a more foamy consistency.  I noticed that it turns into a milkier, slightly slimy texture as I rinsed it off.  What I like most about it is that it instantly leaves the skin feeling very soft and supple (not tight) after washing.  However, its ability to remove all traces of dirt and makeup failed to meet my expectations.  Even after washing my face twice, the cotton ball I used for applying the astringent after still picked up a significant amount of dirt. :(


Antioxidant Serum

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

The Mari Verona Antioxidant Serum has a very subtle nutty-milky scent – like soy milk or if I may be more specific, almost like taho (curdled soy bean milk).  It emulsifies into a milky paste if spread all over the face in a circular motion.  I noticed that this doesn’t happen if it is spread on the skin using long straight strokes.  Either way, it very quickly disappears as it gets absorbed into the skin.

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

It leaves a slightly sticky (not greasy) after-feel but it didn’t bother me.   It’s common for most serums to leave a somewhat sticky after-feel because they’re a highly-concentrated skin treatment and that is also why it’s usually followed by a day or night cream.  However, the Mari Verona Antioxidant Serum amazingly leaves the skin looking very well hydrated and even slightly dewy especially in the morning, after the skin had an entire night to feed on it.  It is a dewy texture that looks really beautiful and healthy!  At first, I wasn’t sure if it was dewy or waxy, but after using this product for a week, it was becoming more and more obviously dewy which looked really gorgeous!  My skin seemed to be really loving this product!  Good job on this one, Mari Verona!

Another thing I wasn’t quite sure about was whether this serum was gentle enough to use along the eye area or not since the instructions on the label made no mention of it.   So, I just used my own eye cream for my eyes.  I also got a little bit confused about the instructions.  It says, “Apply before cleansing and after toning”.   Hmm…  That didn’t make sense to me.  Ain’t it supposed to be applied AFTER the cleansing and not BEFORE?   I just don’t see the point of putting this on my face just to wash it off immediately after.  Surely, there has got to be some mistake there.

After a month of using the Mari Verona Antioxidant Serum (yes, a 2 oz. bottle lasted more than a month and there’s still plenty left in the bottle!), I’m pleased to report that I had no breakouts or irritation.  Like I said in the previous paragraph, this product made my skin look extra dewy and healthy.  

Now, for all you regular followers of MyMy Blog, y’all know that I’ve talked about my skincare regimen in previous posts and what specific products I credit for my skin looking young and smooth.  That is the truth.  My skin has never looked clearer and healthier.  Since I’ve been on my aforementioned skincare regimen, I never had to worry about breakouts (except for when it’s that time of the month) or early wrinkles (which was a big deal!).  That’s why I can’t honestly gauge just how much the Mari Verona Antioxidant Serum has done to help further improve the texture and quality of my skin.  However, what I can report is that the Mari Verona Antioxidant Serum left my skin looking extra dewy and a bit more supple to the touch.


Aloe Cucumber Astringent

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

“Helps to tighten pores, smooth the appearance of the skin, and gives it a finer, softer texture.  Herbal extracts and soothing Aloe calm possible irritations.  It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin.”

The Mari Verona Aloe Cucumber Astringent doesn’t have any strong scent or fumes like most regular astringents.  It felt very gentle on the skin, doesn’t sting at all, or leave the skin feeling uncomfortably tight like rubber.  It proved to be good at picking up any traces of dirt and makeup that the facial cleanser failed to strip off, so that’s a plus.


Line Preventing Treatment

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

“Active Anti-Aging Facial Treatment For Skin with Diminishing Metabolic Function”

As its name suggests, the Mari Verona Line Preventing Treatment specifically targets areas of the skin that are more prone to early wrinkles and fine lines, and prevents or corrects the issue.  The consistency is very thin and runny, like a watery gel, but disappears into the skin quite fast and leaves no trace of moisture at all, leaving the skin feeling very dry.

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

It has a gentle lemony scent but it releases some fumes, albeit fairly mild.  It is especially noticeable when applied on the cheeks because the fumes mildly irritated my eyes.  The label on this product didn’t include instructions, so I just assumed that it should be applied after cleansing and toning, and before applying the facial serum.  Unlike the other Mari Verona products that were sent to me for testing, in my opinion, it would require more than a month of continued use before any long-term effects of this product can be seen.  So far, after a month, I haven’t noticed any change on my fine lines.  However, in fairness, I don’t really have that much to correct in the way of fine lines (knock on wood) …not yet anyway!


Body Nourishing Seaweed Oil

Mari Verona Skin Therapy | Review

“Helps To Hydrate, Nourish, And Lubricate The Skin – a truly elegant skin treatment.  It heps to hydrate, nourish, and lubricate the skin with its blend of natural oils and seaweed extracts, which are rich in vitamins and minerals.  This exceptional oil leaves the skin feeling soothed and moisturized (with a non-oily after feel)… leaving the skin with a velvety after feel.”

The scent of the Mari Verona Body Nourishing Seaweed Oil reminded me of the Efficascent Oil.  I apply this product on my entire body immediately after bathing, and I also apply it on spots that require extra moisturizing (like hands, elbows, knees and ankles) frequently throughout the day.  I haven’t noticed any dramatic improvement after a month of using this product but I’d say that it does a fairly good job at preventing the skin from drying out especially in the cold weather.  I also love the way it feels on the skin.  It doesn’t stain my clothes either so getting dressed immediately after application is not a problem.


Below are some of the questions I asked Mari Joyce about the Mari Verona Skin Therapy products after using her products for a while.

Q & A with VST Owner/Founder, Mari Joyce Sigua-Pontillas:

1. Do you apply the Line Treatment before you apply the serum, or the other way around, or is it supposed to be an “either, or”?

Correct order of product application:  Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer.


2. The instructions on the serum says, “before cleansing and after toning”.  Was that a mistake?  Isn’t it to be applied AFTER cleansing and not BEFORE?

Yes, it’s AFTER cleansing.


3. Is the serum safe to use around the eye area?  If not, do you offer a product that can be used around the eye area that complements the serum?

The serum is safe to use around the eye area and I recommend it.


4. Do you offer a day-time and a night-time moisturizer that can be applied after the serum?  Or was the serum intended to be an all-in-1 type of product?

A day or night moisturizer should be used after the serum.


5. How long before results (or any changes on the skin’s texture and quality) become apparent?

Skin appearance can improve overnight.


6. Is the labeling and packaging (as on your samples) permanent?

The logo for now is the same one on the samples.  It will probably change by next year.


7. When will you be launching these products to the public and what is the price range?

Some products will be available to the public for retail on our website.  Verona Skin Therapy is a wholesale skin care company and is intended to encourage women or men to start their own skin care business with VST.  Prices are listed on the website as well.


8. Will these be available only on the website, or will you also be selling them soon at beauty counters, drug stores, etc. nationwide?

Products will be available through Account Executives only.  I want customers to have a personalized relationship with the company.  I want customers to have the products that’s right for their skin type and skin condition.  Account Executives will be knowledgeable in recommending what’s good for their skin.


9. How are your skincare products different from others like it in the market?

Our skin products are manufactured and made in the US.  Our ingredients are of high quality and with effective professional formulas.  Formulas are composed of these most effective and purest of ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed proteins: collagen, elastin, reticulin, placenta, epidermin, royal jelly, liposomes
  • Natural moisturizers of exceptional quality: sodium PCA, mucopolysaccharides-hyularonic complex, hydroplex, panthenol
  • Natural exfolients: alpha & beta-hydroxy acids, natural enzymes
  • Exceptional Group of products containing Vitamin C derivatives
  • The most effective natural oils: peach kernel oil, carrot oil, squalene, a wide variety of super-refined plant & vegetable oils
  • Other quality ingredients: cold processed botanical extracts, marine extracts (Algae), and highly effective vitamins (A, B5, B6, C, D3, E, F, H, K) blended in pure aloe gel

On the business side, I want Account Executives with our company to have a successful business with a high quality and affordable skin care line.  I want to support entrepreneurs in their journey towards a profitable, reliable and manageable business that they can do part time or full time.  Free product information training is available to anyone who would like to become an Account Executive.


10. Finally, who is your target market for your products?

My products are for everyone.  I have products for all skin types.  My target market for the products are consumers and those seeking a business opportunity without a high cost business start up.

[End of Q & A]



Out of all the Mari Verona Skin Therapy products that I tested, the Antioxidant Serum, the Astringent and the Body Oil were my favorite!  For a fraction of what it would cost you to buy high-end counterparts of these skincare products, I have no doubt that these Mari Verona products have the potential to give you the same – if not better – results in the long run.  I would strongly recommend that you give them a try.

As for the facial wash, as I’ve pointed out earlier, it didn’t quite meet my expectations, although it did feel good on the skin.  I just personally prefer a skin cleanser that does its job more thoroughly and effectively.

There was not enough of the Line Treatment for me to test over a longer period of time for any significant results to take effect.  So I will neither vote for it nor against it… for now anyway.

So there you go, guys!  Your first introduction to this new line of skincare products.  I hope this post helps in your decision to give some of these products a try.  You will find the complete lineup of their products and prices on their website.

Business Opportunity:  Mari Verona offers wholesale prices for those interested in becoming a distributor/account executive/independent representative.  If you find this business opportunity appealing, I would strongly urge you to personally give their products a try first so that you get to develop a strong knowledge and confidence in the products that you might someday be selling to other women too.  For more information, visit the Mari Verona Skin Therapy web site.

Again, I am not affiliated in any way with the Mari Verona brand nor do I earn any commission from any sale that might result from this post.  This wasn’t a paid blog post either.  All Mari Verona Verona Skincare products that were featured in this post were sent to me for the sole purpose of testing and for me to give my unbiased, honest review on.




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