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How To Make Your Lip Color Last For Hours

Posted by on Nov 6, 2011

How To Make Your Lip Color Last For Hours

This very short and very simple tutorial is particularly useful if you’re going out to have dinner and drinks with friends or with a date where running to the powder room every fifteen minutes to retouch your lipstick is highly unlikely, not to mention outright ludicrous.  I know exactly how it feels. You take a sip of wine and as you put down your glass, you see an unsightly lipstick mark left on the rim of your glass and you then begin to wonder how much time you have left before your lips go totally pale.  You become overly self-conscious and thoughts about your lip color fading away occupy your mind instead.

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a lip color that you do not have to worry about for hours?  Recently, Maybelline came out with a 24-hour Stay-On Lip Color and although that means that the solution comes as easy as running to the nearest cosmetics shop, some of us will probably opt for another alternative, preferably one that would allow us to make use of what we already have in our makeup box.  Fortunately for us, ladies, this isn’t all that difficult to achieve.  Believe it or not, the concept of layering (which I introduced on a previous post about the secret to lingering fragrance) is all that we need to apply in order to make your lip color last for hours.

Five Steps To Follow

STEP 1:  Moisturize your lips using any lip moisturizer or lip balm.  Leave it on for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step in order to give your lips some time to absorb the lip moisturizer.  The moisturizer will help the lip color glide on smoothly as well as keep your pout hydrated for hours.

How To Make Your Lip Color Last For Hours

STEP 2:  Line your lips and fill in with a lip liner.  Choose a color that is closest to your own natural lip color regardless of what color you end up choosing for your lipstick.  Starting from your cupid’s bow and working your way down to the corner of your lips, draw a thin line along the natural lines of your lip.  Do the same thing on your lower lip by starting from the middle and moving towards the outer edge.  Then fill in your entire lips using the same lip liner.

How To Make Your Lip Color Last For Hours

Set the color by lightly dusting translucent powder over your lips.

STEP 3:  Apply the first layer of your chosen lip color on your lips, then blot off excess oil from your lipstick by pressing your lips together against a sheet of  facial tissue.

How To Make Your Lip Color Last For Hours

Lightly dust translucent powder over your lips again to set the color.

STEP 4:  Repeat Step 3 but skip the powder part this time.

STEP 5:  Finish by applying a light coat of lip gloss only on the center of your lips to give it a fuller look.  Avoid pressing your lips together from this point on.  In fact, by following these steps, you may very well forget about your lips for about eight hours (I did put these procedures to test and my lip color survived six drinks and one full meal, all from 9am until 5pm).

How To Make Your Lip Color Last For Hours

A little bit of your lip color might still transfer on your drinking glass or table napkin and this will most likely be because of your lip gloss so I suggest that you go easy on it and apply it sparingly.  You don’t need to worry either even if the top layer of your lip color gets wiped off a bit because there will be enough color underneath it that will stay on. Just avoid licking, rubbing or wiping your lips excessively (unless it’s for a kiss).  The first time I tried these steps, I resisted the temptation to check myself in the mirror and after eight hours, when I finally checked, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my lip color was still intact.

I hope you will also find these tips helpful and reliable.  What about you?  Do you have any secrets or tips to share for making your lip color last for hours?  Please do share.  :)




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