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FM Make Up Mineral Powder And Lip Gloss | Review

Posted by on Aug 8, 2013

FM Make Up Mineral Powder And Lip Gloss | Review

A couple of months ago, a friend sent me a sample of a pressed mineral powder compact, a lip gloss and a few vials of perfume made by the company she represents, the FM GROUP and asked me to give an honest review of their products.  I wish it didn’t have to take me months to publish my review but it did, and no one could be more flustered about it than myself.  Anyway, as the old expression goes, “Better late than never”, right?

For this post though, I will focus on the make up and will do a separate post on the fragrances.

But first, let me share with you what little information I gathered about the FM GROUP.

[DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a sales representative, a distributor, or in any way connected with the FM GROUP.  These are my honest, personal opinions and observations about the FM Make Up products that were sent to me for testing and review.]


What Is The FM GROUP?

FM Cosmetics UK

FM GROUP is a very fast growing multi level marketing company that originated in Poland.  FM GROUP brand’s history starts in September 2004 when Artur Trawiński, an entrepreneur from Wrocław (and CEO of the FM GROUP), founded FM GROUP Polska company.  Its rapid international development was so great that in 2007 FM GROUP World company emerged.  Initially focused on the perfume market, the company soon extended their range by adding body care fragranced cosmetics divided into exceptional collections for men and women, such as Skin Lab and Spa Senses; a high quality range of efficient cleaning products in FM FOR HOME; car cosmetics in FM GROUP CAR CARE; cosmetics for animals in FM GROUP PETS; and make up cosmetics in FM MAKE UP.  FM Distributors in Poland also got an opportunity to work with FM GROUP MOBILE — the company’s virtual mobile telephone network.

Artur Trawiński considered many options of distributing their products but decided to go via the MLM sale system after he met specialists of multi level marketing.

FM Make Up

Now, FM GROUP fragrances and cosmetics are being distributed in Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brasil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, USA and of course United Kingdom.  There are many distributors working in the countries where FM Offices haven’t been opened yet like:  Cameroon, Uganda, Jamaica, Botswana.


FM Make Up Lip Gloss and Mineral Powder Review

Lip Gloss Product Description on the catalog:

  • nourishing ingredients
  • contains unsaturated fatty acids EFA, that prevent excessive lip drying and premature aging of the skin around the lips
  • UV filters
  • convenient applicator
  • size: 9 ml
FM Make Up Mineral Powder and Lip Gloss | Review

The clean and elegantly designed packaging box for this FM Make Up Lip Gloss. I got mine in “Subtle Rose”.

FM Make Up Lip Gloss

The lip gloss tube

FM Make Up Lip Gloss

The sponge tip lip gloss wand

FM Make Up Lip Gloss

A swipe of the lip gloss on my arm

The scent of the FM Make Up Lip Gloss in Subtle Rose, although not annoying, wasn’t all that appealing either.  The consistency was slightly thicker than most lip glosses I’ve tried and I noticed that it kept the wand applicator from gliding smoothly on my lips.  It also felt a little bit sticky but to my pleasant surprise, it was never drying.

Subtle Rose wasn’t heavily pigmented but it had enough pigment to give my lips a healthy, natural touch of pink — which was what I liked most about it — that lasted for about two hours without reapplying.  It didn’t have any shimmering particles in it either so it only gave a simple glass shine or “wet lips” and not “glitter” effect.


Mineral Powder Illuminating Effect Product Description on the catalog:

  • opalising pearl dust, microscopic in size, makes the complexion look healthy, radiant and fresh
  • pigments diffuse the light and conceal imperfections of your complexion
  • delicate, satiny texture
  • pressed
  • suitable for all skin types
  • a powder-puff and a mirror inside the two-level compact
  • weight: 8 g
FM Make Up Mineral Powder

The packaging box for the FM Make Up Mineral Powder

FM Make Up Mineral Powder

A brief product description and list of ingredients on the back of the box

FM Make Up Mineral Powder

The similarly designed compact powder case

FM Make Up Mineral Powder

The mirrored case that securely holds the pressed powder pan. The pretty dotted pattern on the powder was the first thing that caught my attention.

FM Make Up Mineral Powder

The powder holder flips up…

FM Make Up Mineral Powder

… to reveal a sponge compartment.

FM Make Up Mineral Powder

The silk ribbon strap on the sponge bears the FM Make Up logo.

FM Make Up Mineral Powder

The soft flocked sponge allows for a smooth and even application, and feels very gentle on the skin.

FM Make Up Mineral Powder

The sponge compartment has breathable holes to keep the sponge from getting mucky.

The FM Make Up Mineral Powder (Illuminating Effect) fits perfectly — and comfortably — in the palm of my hand, with the perfect sized mirror to boot.  The sleek black case was very easy to open and close.  It came with a very thin flocked sponge that was nestled securely in a hidden compartment underneath the powder flip tray.  These are all very important components to consider about pressed powder compacts especially since compacts were created for quick and convenient on-the-go touch-ups.

The shade that I got (No.452 or Opal) was just the perfect match for my skin tone.  Right off the bat, it was the soft, sweet scent of this mineral powder that I found so alluring — almost like cotton candy!

FM Make Up Mineral Powder

(L) The shimmery appearance of the powder in its pressed state; (R) the subtle glow it left on my skin after application.

The FM Make Up Mineral Powder can be applied using two different tools:

  • Using the enclosed flocked sponge
  • Using a powder brush

My observation was that the shimmer specks appeared more prominent on my face when I used the sponge than they were when I used the powder brush. Either way gave my skin a velvety finish.

FM Make Up Mineral Powder and Lip Gloss | Review

(On the left side of my face) FM Make Up Mineral Powder applied as a finishing powder on top of my BB Cream; (On the ride side of my face) FM Make Up Mineral Powder worn alone; (On my lips) FM Make Up Lip Gloss in Subtle Rose

The FM Make Up Mineral Powder can also be worn two different ways:

  • As a finishing powder (left side of my face), on top of your foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer
  • As a regular face powder or powder foundation (right side of my face), which means wearing it alone, and gradually building it up to achieve your desired coverage



As you look at my photo above, the only noticeable difference between the two ways of wearing this mineral powder was that my skin appeared a bit darker without the BB cream. It also only gave very light coverage, so not enough to effectively conceal blemishes.  Obviously, this can be easily corrected with the use of a separate foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturizer or a color corrector/concealer.  Unfortunately, it also means that I’d rather not wear it alone.

I wasn’t a big fan either of how the opalising pearl dust looked on my face.  When it comes to mineral powder or illuminating makeup in general, I prefer getting just a subtle hint of glow or a very natural-looking lit-from-within radiance.  When I applied two layers of this powder to my face to boost the coverage, I got some unwanted extra “sparkle” as well (long lost Cullen Family member?).  It also somewhat exaggerated the shine on my T-Zone within an hour post application.

Lastly, within a few days of using this mineral powder, it caused my skin to breakout big time!  I didn’t immediately realize that my breakout was triggered by this product.  I considered other possible causes — stress, hormones, diet.  My suspicions were confirmed after I checked the ingredients again.  Among the top ingredients was Talc (and I remember exclaiming out loud, “There ya go!”) but then for the purpose of this review, I decided to extend my use to one more week.  My skin condition just worsened.  It only started clearing up immediately after I stopped using this powder.

So if you think your skin is sensitive to Talc (as I am), or if you have very oily skin (as I do), then this mineral powder might not be the right choice for you.

[If you would like to get some tips on choosing the right setting/finishing powder, check out this post.]



If FM Make Up will improve their mineral powder formulation (like finding a non-comedogenic alternative to Talc for instance), I would certainly recommend it to anyone.  But as it is right now, I won’t.  The lip gloss wasn’t bad at all and although my opinions are rather limited to the one color I’ve tested, the quality was good enough to make me want to try the other color (it comes in Plum Gold too).

The very affordable prices are a huge plus factor — 8g of the FM Make Up Mineral Powder retails at Php570.00, while a 9ml bottle of FM Make Up Lip Gloss has a retail price of Php350.00 — significantly less than even most drugstore brands I know.


Again, I am NOT a sales representative, a distributor, or in any way connected with the FM GROUP.  Everything I’ve written above is just my honest, personal opinion and observation.

To learn more about other FM MAKE UP products, FM GROUP business opportunities, or to find a distributor within the Philippines, contact the FM GROUP Philippines.




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