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Fine, Fair & Nude | Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV Review

Posted by on Aug 3, 2013

Fine, Fair & Nude | Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV Review

A lot of people have come to assume that to have fair skin means to be light skinned, but by definition, “fair” means “fine”, “beautiful” and “clear”.  So Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV, although containing a melanin-inhibiting agent, is a great BB cream not only for people looking to lighten their complexion but also those who simply want to have finer, more beautiful and clearer skin.

This BB cream is dermatologist tested, oil-free, and non-comedogenic.  Best of all, it’s Neutrogena.

Let’s look at what Neutrogena promises to deliver with its Fine Fairness BB Cream UV:

Fine, Fair & Nude | Neutrogena Fine Fairness BBCream Review

(L) Product description on the box; (R) List of ingredients

Fine, Fair & Nude | Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream Review

“Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV instantly brightens skin to a fair, even-toned healthy glow. Use as a last step to your day care regimen, dispense a pearl size amount and apply evenly to face and neck.”

I’d like to briefly highlight two of Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV’s ingredients:  Titanium Dioxide and Mica.

Titanium Dioxide gives the sun protection and it’s gentle for use even on very sensitive skin.  Mica is the shimmering, glittery particles that we often see in mineral makeup.  It is responsible for giving the skin that irresistible radiant glow.  Since light bounces off of mica, any makeup foundation or setting powder that contains it blurs out fine lines and flaws on the skin giving the illusion of a smooth, flawless texture.

Both Titanium Dioxide and Mica are mineral compounds that don’t settle inside pores, don’t get absorbed into the skin, and therefore are non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores).

Fine, Fair & Nude | Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream Review

A pea-size drop of the BB Cream is all I needed for this demo. The spreadable consistency makes this cream very easy to blend until it disappears into the skin, leaving only a brighter, satin-like finish.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV comes in only one color — ‘one shade fits all’ kinda deal — because it contains customized blended skin-matching illuminating minerals.  I must admit though, at first, it appears to be frighteningly white!

The consistency is very thin, but not “runny” like a liquid foundation or “creamy” like most BB creams.  By “creamy” I mean that it doesn’t have the consistency of a concealer.  It’s light-as-air and very spreadable, but it dries up (very quickly) into a sheer, lightweight veil of powdery finish with a hint of glow, or a finish that I would rather refer to as “satin”.  I highly recommend makeup that offers a “satin” or “satin-matte” finish to women with oily skin (like myself) over one with a “dewy” finish because the latter tends to pretty up the oil on the face after a few hours.

Looking at the product description on the box again, the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV was referred to as a whitening moisturizer, and I kinda understand why.  This BB cream leaves my skin looking naturally hydrated while keeping the oil and shine at bay.  That being said, I’m tempted to discourage those of you with severely dry skin from using this product as it might only emphasize the dry patches on your skin… but then again, this BB cream is also a moisturizer so it might also be good for your skin (I have no way of testing that theory so if you have dry skin and you’re using this product, please feel free to share with me your feedback).

Fine, Fair & Nude | Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream Review

(L) My bare skin before applying the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV; (R) My face with only the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV and under eye concealer but without finishing powder

Keeping in mind that BB stands for “blemish balm”, this BB cream doesn’t conceal really dark blemishes or spots like the tiny mole above my mouth and a pimple scar on my forehead which are still very much visible on the photo.  Most BB creams give enough coverage to be worn alone, without having the need to put on any concealer or finishing powder.  I wish I could say the same about the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case here.  I don’t think it has a buildable formula either.  Had I added more layers of this cream to my face to try to conceal the blemishes, I would have assuredly ended up looking like Casper!

However, just because it only provides light coverage, doesn’t mean it should be dismissed all too quickly.  I still think that it did a great job at improving my skin tone.  As y’all can clearly see from the photo above, the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV left my skin looking brighter and more even-toned.  A good concealer was all I needed (on areas that needed more coverage) and this BB cream was good to go!

Fine, Fair & Nude | Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream Review

Sampling the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV on my entire face for this “Barely There” Nude Makeup look.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV is also a perfect base for nude makeup.  Nude makeup, as we all know, is all about the shades that are very close to your natural skin tone.  So, nude makeup is enhanced even more when you have fine, clear and radiant complexion.  It makes you look naturally fine, naturally fair.  :)

For only P720.00 plus all the benefits that this product promises to deliver, I’ll say that the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV is a great alternative to expensive or heavy BB creams.

What about you?  What BB cream are you using right now?  Will you try this BB Cream from Neutrogena?




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  1. Katia

    Thank you very much for your detailed review. I just saw this new product and I was not sure if it was worth to buy it. I know what to expect now.

  2. contessa

    hi. do i need to use a moisturizer before applying this bb cream? thanks.

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Contessa! We all need to moisturize our skin after cleansing and before putting on our makeup everyday, regardless of skin type, to keep it hydrated (on the surface anyway). Many of us wrongfully believe that oily skin does not require any moisturizer for fear of ending up looking like a grease ball. That issue can be fixed by choosing the right type of moisturizer (water based). If you have oily skin, a water based moisturizer is the best option for you. Also, there is a difference between ‘dry skin’ and ‘dehydrated skin’. A person might think she’s got dry skin (because it looks and feels the same as dry skin) when in fact she’s just got oily skin that’s dehydrated. Drinking enough water everyday will keep your skin hydrated from the inside. :)

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