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BDJ Box: Making Things Beautiful

Posted by on Dec 23, 2012

BDJ Box: Making Things Beautiful

One of the things I look forward to in my BDJ Box are the inspiration stickers that first greet me upon unpacking and the set of tasks related to the monthly theme.  In my opinion, it makes the whole BDJ Beauty experience more personal and interactive, as well as gives each subscriber a sense of belonging — like you are truly a part of a community, sharing not just a common interest in beauty but a common purpose.

The stickers you will find in every BDJ Box are not just any ordinary stickers.  They convey a message aimed specifically to remind every woman that she’s beautiful and to inspire her to put that beauty to good use.  The message on the stickers is different for each month, always related to what the theme might be.


5 Stickers, 5 Tasks

For the first (October) BDJ box which I received last November 9th, 2012, the message was “I am not beautiful like YOU, I’m beautiful like ME”.  The tasks given to us, Bellas, had something to do with who to give the stickers to or where to stick them on.

  • Stick it on an object you see everyday, remind yourself that you are beautiful.  – I stuck it on my iPad leather case.

The Arrival Of My BDJ Box |

  • Give it to someone you think is beautiful.  – I gave it to my daughter of course!  Kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan?!  :P
  • Give it to someone who can pass it on.  – I gave it to a friend who also has a daughter to pass it on to.
  • Stick it on an area where a stranger can see it.  – What I did for Task #1 also accomplishes this.  Is that cheating?  Hehe!
  • Get creative.  Figure out the best way to pass on this message.  – I posted it on Facebook as my profile photo for almost the entire month of November.

BDJ Box: Making Things Beautiful |


For the November BDJ Box, the message was “I make things beautiful” but the tasks made no mention whatsoever about what to do with each of the stickers.  Instead, the tasks this time were obviously intended to make us Bellas think…

Unboxing My November BDJ Box |

  • Make a list of the three most beautiful places you’ve been.
  • Is there a single beauty product you need to put on to make yourself feel beautiful?
  • Tell us your personal beauty mantra.
  • What do you think makes Filipinas beautiful?
  • How will you make this holiday season beautiful and meaningful?

Now, don’t think for a minute that having a blog is a prerequisite to subscribing to BDJ Box, and that responding to these tasks and questions is mandatory.  You may publicly share your response and insights through a Facebook post, a tweet or a blog post (if you blog), or you may keep your answers to yourself, have it your way.  Just as I believe every BDJ Box is meant to be a treat to our five senses (okay, three out of five then… when the day comes that BDJ creates a musical box and throws in some Hershey’s Kisses for good measure, that would make it complete! LOL), I also believe that these tasks/questions are meant to challenge the seat of reason (intellect/brain) and the seat of emotion (heart) too.  So that we’re not just there opening boxes and gushing over beauty products we receive, but we’re also thinking of ways to be ambassadors of beauty in our circle of influence.  This, all by itself, is what sets BDJ Box apart from other subscription beauty boxes that have sprouted all over the internet.

The theme for the November BDJ Box was “Take Me With You”.  Other than the travel-friendly product samples, in my opinion, the theme also meant that the BDJ Box Team wanted every Bella to “take the message with her” everywhere she goes:

YOU are beautiful and you have IN YOU the power to make things beautiful!


I’m once again very pleased with the latest BDJ Box.  Just like the BDJ Box Team, I also hope that every woman, in her efforts to find ways to enhance her outer beauty, would also cultivate within her a much stronger desire to develop her inner beauty.  :)

Anyway, here’s my response to the 5 tasks/questions for November:

Make a list of the three most beautiful places you’ve been.

  1. Germany and France (tie)
  2. Singapore
  3. Boracay

Is there a single beauty product you need to put on to make yourself feel beautiful?

Red lipstick.  :)

Tell us your personal beauty mantra.

“Beauty is not just something you see.  It’s something you must believe, feel, think, speak and share.” ~ MAU*

What do you think makes Filipinas beautiful?

The natural maternal instincts of the Filipina makes her beautiful beyond compare.  It means that regardless of age, educational and social background, the Filipina has a natural drive to care for and protect those who depend on her, to defend the helpless, to rise above the challenges, to want to provide security and a better future  for her family and to strive for excellence.

How will you make this holiday season beautiful and meaningful?

Keeping in mind that what we have to give away is something which we also abundantly received from God — His love and the gift of salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ — I will aspire to make every gift I wrap and give away this Christmas be a reminder of  the love of Jesus.  That is how I believe I can make this holiday season beautiful and meaningful.


[*Original quote by Myla A. Upshaw]



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