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Happy 40th Beerday, DP!!!

Posted by on Sep 27, 2011

Happy 40th Beerday, DP!!!

Si Depya, Kwarenta Na??? Inuman Na!!!

Last September 17th, an old friend (as in old talaga! hahaha!) celebrated her…his…40th birthday.  It took me a total of ONE WEEK to put together a simple beer-themed party with about 20 of her closest friends and family in attendance.  We were supposed to have the party at her mom’s house but surprised her instead with a last-minute change of venue – to the neighborhood clubhouse just a few feet across from their house.  Well, many of the other details of the party were kept from our celebrant and unknown to her, she was about to become a surprise victim at her own birthday party!  She called for the gathering, with a date, place, time and guest list already decided on, and I was supposed to just “help out” by bringing anything edible to add to the pulutan.  It was really supposed to be a simple birthday inuman and kwentuhan.   What DP didn’t know was that I intended to bring with me not just a pot of Beef Salpicao or a bowl of mixed nuts, but the whole shebang – an entire buffet of assorted beer snacks, appetizers, six all-time favorite Filipino dishes for the main course, as well as Filipino dessert faves, complete with tiffany chairs, coordinated table linens and centerpieces (with a lot of help from my reliable friends at Cravings)!  That was my birthday gift to her.  Imagine what we could have done if we had a month to prepare, right?  Hehehe!

It was a night of unadulterated fun, laughter and ear-shattering videoconcierto (LOL)!  The most important thing for me, and everyone else present there, was that our Celebrant was happy and felt loved – ‘coz she truly is!  :)

  Happy 40th Beerday, DP 1

DP with some of her closest friends

  Happy 40th Beerday, DP 2

Happy 40th Beerday, DP 9

A touch of “DP” was incorporated into every element of the party

Happy 40th Beerday, DP 3

(L) SanMig Light syempre! (C) the table centerpiece…yup, that’s beer inside the vase! (R) assorted light “pulutan”

Happy 40th Beerday, DP 4

(L) the buffet table; (C) the table centerpiece before guests arrived; (R) first half of the dessert table showcasing the assorted meringue and the Chocnut fountain

Happy 40th Beerday, DP 5

(L) Second half of the dessert table, this time with kamote-Q, turon and fried suman; (C) the Beerday cake; (R) the Chocnut fountain, up-close

Happy 40th Beerday, DP 6

The heavier “pulutan”

Happy 40th Beerday, DP 7

(L) The lighted candles; (C) the appetizer table; (R) more meringue!

Happy 40th Beerday, DP 8

(L) Nanay giving her birthday message for DP; (C) DP with her beloved Nanay; (D) DP with sister Stephanie

Happy 40th Beerday, DP 10

(L) DP getting ready for the candle-blowing; (C) DP with Nanay, Stephanie and me; (R) DP and me


Once again, I wish you happiness, good health and at least four more decades of having you in our lives.   HAPPY 40TH BEERDAY, DP!!!



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  1. DP Depaz

    Well, what can I say? You really outdid yourself this time =)

    Once again, THANKS!…for the effort, the intent, the time, the dinero and most especially, the love.

    I never tied you to your word when you offhandedly promised some 5 years ago that you will handle my 40th birthday. Partly because I wasn’t even sure then that I’ll get to reach 40 =) But you surprised me…thank you for bolstering my faith in people.

    I remember telling Jaymee that up until age 5, I always thought you were my sister…because we were living under the same roof and you were a daily fixture in my life. Well, we grew up. And I realized a lot of things. One of them is that you don’t need to be of the same blood to be family.

    I love you My. Be happy.

    Ate Jen aka DP

  2. tin

    nice post! taray ng blog mo, my! hope you don’t mind if i lurk once in a while. :)

  3. Sai

    I remember her… belated Happy Birthday! love the food and table setting. you really do have a knack for these things.

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