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Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

Posted by on Feb 23, 2012

Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

Celebrating Great Music, Great Food, Great Friends

Last February 11th marked the biggest event of the year for me.  Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project, which took about a month for me to plan and put together, was a tribute to two of my most loved music genres – Crossover (or Smooth) Jazz, and Old School (R&B) Slow Jam… and it was my birthday party!  Yaaay,  I’m 29!!!  :)

Ayt, back to reality — My goal for Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project was to take my friends on a journey with me where we spend an entire evening enjoying music that touches the very soul.  Just like what I wrote on the event poster for Facebook, it’s music that is smooth, strong yet at the same time, gentle, that it rocks you like a lullaby and makes you wanna crawl into bed and hide under the sheets with that special someone.  Sexy?  Nah.  It’s HOT!!!  Well, that’s what I love about Crossover Rhythms and R&B Slow Jam!  It’s the type of music that relaxes me yet gets me all fired up and brings my sexy back at the same time.  Hence, the idea of combining HOT and COOL…  That’s where “FIRE and ICE” came from.  Raaawwwrrrr!!!  :)

So to put it simply, it was a party where we just got to chill, drink cocktails, listen to soothing rhythms and bond with friends.  Since my friends and I have all been missing the (no longer existent) jazz bars of the 80′s, I thought why not bring it all back if only for one night (ain’t that right, Luther)?  And boy… ’twas some night, indeed!

TheChilloutProject Poster border 891x1024 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project was held at Society Lounge (inspired by French Fashion Food) which is located at the Ground Level of the Atrium Building of Makati along Makati Avenue corner Paseo De Roxas in Makati City. The owner and chef, Patrice Freuslon (wait…I didn’t have a picture taken with Patrice??? What’s up with that, Mr. Photographer?!) was very accommodating that he blended so perfectly into my theme — so COOL!

What about the venue?  My guests were clearly very impressed, and again, thanks to Chef Patrice for rearranging the couches and planning out the lighting so carefully and brilliantly so that it kept to our “cozy & sexy” theme. Suffice it to say, one of my friends who attended the party loved the place so much that he just recently booked it for his own upcoming party.  Kudos to Society Lounge, Chef Patrice, Andren Dizon and their staff for a job well done!  Woohoo!!!

The Chillout Project collage 1 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

For the party souvenir, I gave away CD’s that featured some of my most favorite Crossover Jazz tunes (Disc 1, Ice) and R&B Slow Jam (Disc 2, Fire).  Sorry, this baby is definitely NOT FOR SALE  but you can click on the links to listen and enjoy it online, or simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and start the player.  :)

The Chillout Project collage 2 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

Providing our live Crossover Jazz music was The Verve Project, led by my good friend and former band mate, Steven Mora.  They perform weekly at The Manila Peninsula Hotel’s Salon De Ning.

The Chillout Project collage 9 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

The following are some of the photos taken of me with my equally gorgeous and vivacious friends by our official event photographer Norman Lleses.

The Chillout Project collage 3 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

The Chillout Project collage 4 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

The Chillout Project collage 5 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

The Chillout Project collage 6 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

The Chillout Project collage 81 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

The Chillout Project collage 7 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

So once again, my warmest hugs and kisses go out to each of the beautiful people who made Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project a memorable, entertaining and fun event!  Here’s to the next project! Cheeeers!!!

YjJhMWViYjI4MjU3 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project
YjJhMWViYjI4MjU3 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

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mymy 20440 57x57 Fire & Ice: The Chillout Project

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  1. Tuttie

    ugh…i will forever regret missing this partey….:(

  2. cha cabrera

    everything’s FAB! food, music and of course the party people! thanks again Mymy! :

  3. Amory

    I just have to agree with you on turning 29, we’re of the same batch di ba? :)
    Congratulations on the Project and welcome back to the blogshpere!

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hello, Amory! Thank you for stopping by. It’s great to be back indeed! I also just read your most recent post about your son’s birthday… happy birthday to The Li’l Prince! :)

  4. Nats Villarba

    Hello My, once again thank you for that impressive Birthday party, my wife and I were very happy to have attended such a classy party, we have been looking for a bar that serves Jazz music and a touch of R&B, and that party you held really nailed it, the jazz band was superb, the place was really cozy…plus the food…yes, the food was perfect, being in the food industry myself and have worked with top chefs before I can truly say that they really took their time making sure that everything’s perfect..and the staffs are very attentive as well, but most of all you had been such a great host !!! the party had no dull moment…cheers Mymy!!!

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Nats! Wow! Thank you so much for the very beautiful comment. I was so happy also that you and your wife made it to the party. Like I said, it’s not often that we get to spend time together so it truly meant a lot to me that you guys chose to spend your Valentine weekend celebrating my birthday with me, and was so thankful to God that you happened to be in town that time. The next time you come home, please let us know, okay? It better not be the last time. Regards to April! Hugs!!! :)

  5. Sai

    I don’t see a “like” button… heehee…

    Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Very aptly named project. You look ‘hot’ and act ‘cool.’

    Stay fabulous :)

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Sai. Yeah, I wonder where the FB Like button went. Hmmm… will tell hubby about that.
      Thank you for your comment. Aawww… that was so nice, I like that a lot!
      You too, Sai. Stay fab and hope to see you soon! :)

  6. Charlotte Paje-Smith

    Congratulations for your Fire & Ice: Chillout Project, was indeed a successful event… It’s sad to say, I wasn’t able to attend, but I’ll make sure to be there on your next fabulous and sexy event! =)

    I bet you had a blast on your birthday, my goddess friend! Stay sexy and fabulous!!! Mwah!!!

  7. Cora Mae Follero

    Hi Ms. MyMy! You look younger than 29 :)

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