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BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless

Posted by on Oct 22, 2012

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless

October 14, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall was when Belle de Jour Power Planner had their annual women’s fair — the BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless!  As expected, it was a megahit!

Admission to this event was free.  Announcements and updates were broadcasted all across their social media channels — on their Facebook Page, Twitter account and website — and invites were sent to their Bellas (fans, loyal customers and subscribers) via email.  It goes without saying, I’ve had my mind set on attending this event from the moment their e-vite hit my Yahoo inbox.



Aminin, Ladies!  The first thing we all think about after getting invited to any event is “What am I gonna wear?”, right? Naturally.  And that’s an entirely separate subject that deserves an entirely separate blog post, right?  Exactly.  So read here to learn more about the thought process that went into my choosing what to wear for this event.  Sorry, kikay lang:)


Arrival at the Event

So back to BDJ Fair… My ever loyal companion (and unica hija), Arra, went with me (as always).  We planned on arriving at the venue an hour early (and we did) so we wouldn’t have to deal with long lines but when we got there, already a throng of women were gathered around the entryway, waiting to get in.  When you’re talking about a big event such as this, it’s expected to be jam-packed, so planning on getting there at least an hour early is just the most pragmatic thing to do, if only to avoid long queues at the registration desk.


Registration Process

The first thing we were required to do as soon as we entered the venue was to register.  If you pre-registered via email, and printed out a copy of your invite, that was all you needed to present at the registration desk.  VIP Charity Passes were also sold but buying them was entirely optional.  A VIP Charity Pass entitled the bearer to a loot bag filled with goodies from the event sponsors, special activities such as Bungee Jumping (Bungee Trampoline, actually), Wall Climbing, Tarot Card Reading and the official BDJ Fair Photo Booth, but more significantly, a chance to support a worthwhile cause since 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these passes went to RockEd Philippines and Sulong Kabataang Romblomanon.  So it was actually “fun for a cause”:)

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless

Image courtesy of Belle de Jour Power Planner

Below were shots that Arra and I took of each other right in front of the BDJ Sponsor Wall just minutes after we registered and claimed our loot bags.  :)

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless | MyMy Blog

Our photos in front of the BDJ Sponsor Wall



When BDJ Bellas were asked to pre-register online, we were also asked to pick our top three choices for the six talks.  Then a confirmation email followed regarding which talk we were each given a slot for.  Since slots were very limited, BDJ only  guaranteed entry to one talk per person.

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless

Image courtesy of Belle de Jour Power Planner

The talk that I was privileged to listen to was the Beauty Bootcamp (which happened to be my number one pick, so I was extremely delighted!).  Right before the Beauty Bootcamp though, I had the chance to listen in a little bit (from behind the iron fence!) on the Bloggers Extraordinaire talk but I was only able to catch one of the two guest speakers, Patty Laurel.  I found her very bubbly, captivating and endearing!

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless | MyMy Blog

(left) Kat Dy; (top right) Patty Laurel; (bottom right) Erica Paredes

Kat Dy of Kat Dy Finds hosted the Beauty Bootcamp, and Filipina-British model/veejay/product endorser, Georgina Wilson (yeah, as if I needed to explain who she is, right?), made the segment even more exciting when she came to share her very own beauty tips and secrets with all the ladies in the house.  She was very beautiful and Oh.My.Gosh.  — soooo tall!

Beauty and Makeup Guru, Erica Paredes, also shared  some expert advice on how to build a Kikay Kit.  Very informative!

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless | MyMy Blog

Kat Dy and Georgina Wilson during the “Beauty Bootcamp” Talk


Fun Activities

The event was packed with various fun activities.  Hindi ka mauubusan ng gagawin!  Every participating (sponsor) brand had its own booth and pakulo (gimmick) to attract people — they held games inside their booths, lavishly handed out discount coupons and freebies.  An overwhelming spirit of generosity filled the entire place!  Some of them even had their laptops set up in front of their booths and gave away perks in exchange for Facebook Likes.  The way they did it was by inviting people to log into their (the attendees) Facebook accounts using the laptops and simply going to the Facebook Page of the brand/company and clicking on the ever-so-coveted  “Like” button, right then and there (Facebook talaga… kung maka-eksena, waging wagi!).  It was all made possible through the help of another sponsoring company, Globe Telecom.

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless | MyMy Blog

(Clockwise from top right) Me, in front of the Belle de Jour Power Planner Photo-Op Wall; Arra while lining up for her turn at the Free Fish booth; Arra while waiting for our turn at the BDJ Fair Photo Booth; Arra and me

One of the booths na hindi namin pinalampas ni Arra (and one of the first “missions” we agreed to accomplish) was (posing in front of) the official BDJ Fair Photo BoothNatural!  Habang fresh at di pa naaagnas ang mga fez!  Haha!

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless

Arra and I, posing with our 2013 BDJ Power Planners


Crowd Favorites

It became very clear that day that Filipino women are largely fearless — kasi hindi nabakante ang Wall Climbing and Bungee Trampoline areas!  Grabeh!  Bilib ako sa inyo, mga teh!  There were also some booths that unmistakably stood out and were really mabenta all day, aside from the BDJ Photo Booth.   Some of them, off the top of my head, were:

  • Browhaus – Theirs was the first service that Arra and I tried. They offered free upper lip hair removal service (waxing and threading) right in their tent/booth.
  • Azta Urban Salon – They gave the ladies free mini-makeover services.
  • DC Shoes  - Through a game called “Shoe Pong”, DC Shoes generously rewarded anyone who was able to successfully shoot one pingpong ball into each of the three shoes displayed in their booth a free pair of sneakers.
  • SM Ladies’ Fashion – Challenged all the brave souls to strike their most creative and gorgeous pose in front of their photo booth for a chance to win gift certificates and tickets to the Philippine Fashion Week which is set to happen from October 23 to 29, 2012.  Pa-bonggahan na talaga ng pose!
  • Bauhaus Jeans who rattled our minds (and wild imaginations) with their free Tarot Card Reading


It was also fun to see this huge Autograph Wall… can y’all spot mine?  Haha!

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless

(left) The Autograph Wall; (right) People patiently lining up for the games and free services; (bottom) one of the lucky guys who won a pair of shoes from DC Shoes, the Wall Climbing and Bungee Jumping…challengers


The Launch of the BDJ Box

One of my most favorite highlights of the event was the launch of the new BDJ Box — a beauty sample subscription service which has the same business model as Birchbox of the United States.  To have one available locally is pretty convenient for us beauty enthusiasts actually, who often had to deal with shipping issues, outrageous taxes or credit card booboos when purchasing beauty products online and delivered to us from abroad.  BDJ Box is actually accepting orders now and is ready to ship out their first batch of boxes sometime this month, if I’m not mistaken.

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless

Image courtesy of Belle de Jour Power Planner


The 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner

I would have been remiss in my duty as a BDJ Bella that day if  I had walked out of the BDJ Fair without the 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner.  In my understanding, BDJ’s reason for existence in the first place is this Power Planner.  As the story goes, “it all started with the search for the perfect planner…”, and the rest, so they say, is history!  I got my first BDJ Planner in 2009.  It proved to be extremely helpful, useful, motivational (and spilling over with page after page of discount coupons!) that I even went out to buy another one and gave it to a friend.  To see what’s inside this Power Planner, click here.

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless

My Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013

At the BDJ Fair 2012, Arra and I bought our planners at a special discounted price of P480.00 each.  It will be available in bookstores for a regular retail price of P530.00.  For now, you may purchase your planner through the BDJ online store and get a 10% discount until November 15, 2012.


More Than Just A Planner

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless

Magazines, discount coupons and cute freebies, all inside my BDJ Fair Loot Bag

More than the freebies and discount coupons, more than the information and knowledge I gained from the talks, and yes, even more than the Belle de Jour Power Planner itself, I took home something that is far more limitless in value. At the BDJ Fair 2012, I learned that one of the biggest things that make us women more “beautiful and limitless” is when we learn the art of SHARING — whether it’s a piece of advice, wisdom gained from experiences, new discoveries, fabulous finds or whatever material blessings, when we come together and share with each other the treasures that we find, it gives us an inner glow that radiates on the outside and impacts others as well.  And as we continue to share in the same spirit that we have received (paying it forward) it creates an endless chain reaction.  Now, that is true BEAUTY in action and true POWER that’s simply LIMITLESS!

Thank you once again and congratulations, Belle de Jour Power Planner for a successful event.  More power and see y’all again next year!  =)




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  1. Dainty MD

    Wow! I bet you really had fun! :) Now I am really becoming interested with those subscription boxes, they are really becoming a trend with the almost simultaneous launch of similar subscription services such as salad box and glamour box… I enjoy reading your blog Ms. Mymy! :) Is Arra your daughter? OMG you look like sisters! :)

    • Myla Upshaw

      Hi, Dainty! Thank you for dropping by and I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Yes, the BDJ Box is something to look forward to. Have you signed up yet? Yes, Arra is my daughter. Thank you so much for the compliment. I think I just revealed my secret to younger-looking skin over at the Ask MyMy section of the blog. Hehe! :)

  2. Karen Joy

    I was there, Ms. MyMy! I saw you and your … um, daughter? Was that really your daughter? You look like sisters lang. I was too shy to say hello but how I wish I did so sana I asked for your autograph, haha!

  3. Laurie

    I wasn’t able to attend the event. Too bad cause I’m also a Bella. I started using the BDJ planner last year and found it really helpful and useful. Judging from the pics, you had fun. I wish I could go next time. Keep on blogging about these cool events, MyMy. :-)

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