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Practice Makes Perfect

Posted by on Jun 19, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s been a while since I last posted something on the topic of blogging. I feel that I owe a lot to you, my dear friends/readers, for not having shared sooner every piece of information and knowledge that I have acquired for the past five months. Please accept my sincere apologies. Life sometimes does get unbelievably overwhelming, and I am currently just starting to master the art of keeping all my plates balanced and spinning. I am happy to say though that I believe I am slowly but surely getting there. :)

So just a brief review — my first post, Oh My Blog!!!, was about making the decision to actually start my blog and the process of choosing a domain name and a slogan, which didn’t turn out as simple as I thought it would have been. The second one, To Blog Or Not To Blog, was about important pointers to keep in mind, that I have gathered from various blogging experts, when writing posts. My purpose for sharing all those things, especially with those of you who are seriously considering starting their own blogs but have not quite taken the first step yet, was mainly to encourage, to inform and to provide some guidance, as humbly and honestly as I know how, while I am exploring all this myself. As Don Williams, Jr. once said, “Our lessons come from the journey, not the destination”; and if you can share the journey with someone, then the ups become more enjoyable, and the downs become more bearable.

Testing The Waters

So whether or not you have some previous experience on writing articles for somebody else, if you would rather “test the waters” first, see how people react or respond to your posts, or how well your ideas are going to be accepted by the blogging community — without having to make any long-term commitment that entails purchasing your domain name, setting up your own blog, and having to install all the bells and whistles that help make your blog look more captivating to your target readers (at least not yet) — why not consider signing up for freelance blogging gigs and consider that as your way of practicing and developing your writing skill? There are plenty of websites that welcome freelance bloggers; and while most of them are happy to just give you the space and exposure, there are also many that would pay you a fairish amount of money for your time and effort.

Below are a few writing gigs for this month that you might want to look into:

Fashion Savvy Writer for Tween Girls (Greater Toronto Area)
Reply to:
Love clothes? Want to write about exploring the relationship between fashion, fun and self-definition?
Short term creative writing assignment. Possibly ongoing if the fit is right. If interested, please email your writing experience and rate.

Celebrity Blog Contributor (Los Angeles/Anywhere)
Reply to:
Looking for additional contributors for a Celebrity Blog. Writer will be paid $10 dollars (negotiable) or so per post. Writers who have some blogging or writing experience and availability to do multiple posts per month are preferred. Samples would be appreciated.

Freelance Skincare and Beauty Writers for Online Magazine
Reply to:
How to apply:
 Email your resume, cover letter, salary requirements and one or two short writing samples (preferably related to beauty or skincare). Documents should be pasted onto the body of the email; attachments will not be accepted. Please include your name and “Skincare and Beauty Writer” in subject line.

Lifestyle Trends Blogger
Reply to:
Are you a trend spotter? Up on the latest? Be a guest contributor….
We’re an established luxury blog, looking for more guest contributors. Must have past blogging experience – send links to your stories. Looking for two posts daily, being paid $10 per post.

Don’t Procrastinate!

If you decide to try out for any of the writing gigs I suggested above, please share with me how it turns out for you. Don’t keep putting it off until the next couple of days or week. Once you find a topic that you believe you have much to say about, start typing out the draft. But don’t spend too much time on finalizing your draft either. Aim to submit your article or blog post no more than 3 days from the day you start working on it. The gigs I listed above are mere suggestions. There is a vast array of topics and you will certainly find one that you are more knowledgeable on.

Have fun! :)

How has freelance writing influenced your decision to start or postpone setting up your own blog? Do you find it a lot easier or tougher to compose posts for somebody else?



About The Author: Myla “MyMy” Upshaw

Myla “MyMy” Upshaw is a stay-at-home mom who prides herself on her status as a Filipino Christian wife and mother and “domestic goddess”. She blogs about popular subjects for stay-at-home moms such as fashion, family, beauty, relationships, entrepreneurialism (“mompreneur”), movies, self-improvement, health & wellness as well as about her faith as a follower of Christ.

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