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MyMy Blog Turns Two!

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013

MyMy Blog Turns Two!

Two years ago, when I made the decision to hit the “publish” button on my very first blog post, little did I know that I would get addicted to it — this whole blogging thing.  I had a slightly vague idea of what I would probably be writing about but I couldn’t think of anything specific.  I was also kinda worried that nobody would be interested in reading my posts.  I thought I could easily beg or bribe (or threaten, depending on how desperate I was) at least twenty of my friends to read, like and share my posts but after that, they would most probably run out of patience or I’d run out of money.  So you can just imagine how valuable a single comment or a Facebook “Like” or a Twitter “Retweet” or a Google “+1″ was to me as I was starting out my blog, especially if it came from someone whom I didn’t have to beg or bribe (or threaten)!  Haha!

So today, at the 2-year anniversary of MyMy Blog, I’m happy to share with y’all that MyMy Blog’s readership has gone from less than 10 visitors per month to more than 4,000.  I know that number is nothing compared to the more established and popular blogs, but I’m not in a hurry.  Regardless of how small that number may be to some of the bigger and more seasoned bloggers, I am grateful for every single “+1″ on my readership stats report.  In fact, to be honest, the number of people clicking on any link leading to my site doesn’t mean as much to me as the number of people who are actually reading what I write and are positively affected by my words.  I guess I will never really know exactly how many of you guys are out there but I want y’all to know how much I value each one of you.

More importantly, my decision to create a blog was fueled by a great desire to inspire and encourage people and I will be forever grateful that you have given me my heart’s desire simply by knowing that you’re all out there, reading my posts… sharing them with your friends (which basically says, “Hey guys, this is such a great read that I thought it’s worth a little bit of your precious time”)… and sending me heartwarming messages, letting me know how you’ve been touched by what I had to share.  I’m deeply humbled and blessed beyond measure.  Thank y’all very much from the bottom of my heart!



According to your messages, it seems that what started out as a simple online journal for documenting my various discoveries and experiences turned out to be an online resource to many of you. I can’t thank you guys enough for the trust and vote of confidence you’ve given me.

Here are some highlights of what I published on MyMy Blog over the last couple of years:

It’s been a very productive and busy couple of years and I couldn’t have accomplished this much without you, guys!  So again, thank y’all so much!  :)


Now, as a way of celebrating my Blogiversary with you guys…


MyMy Blog 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway

MyMy Blog Turns Two! | MyMy Blog


I will be giving away some of the fabulous products (that I personally love and recommended here on MyMy Blog) particularly from Garnier, Smashbox and Benefit.  I also know that many of you wanted to win a copy of Jenni Epperson‘s Fashion + Food Entertaining At Home in Style when I featured it on Freebie Friday, so I’m including that one as well… and yes, that IS an Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette that you’re seeing on the photo below!  Gorgeous, isn’t it?  I luuuuv that palette!  So I also want you, ladies, to have a chance at owning one.  :)


MyMy Blog Turns Two! | MyMy Blog


1st Prize
Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette

Fashion + Food by Jenni Epperson

Garnier Instant Fairness Eye Roll-On

Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub

2nd Prize
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream (SPF 35)

Fashion + Food by Jenni Epperson

Garnier Instant Fairness Eye Roll-On

Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub

3rd Prize
Benefit Lip & Cheek Kit (Feelin’ Dandy, Go Tropicoral or Sugarlicious, your choice!)

Garnier Instant Fairness Eye Roll-On

Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub


  1. Comment on this post (scroll down to the bottom of this post to find the Comment box) by answering this question:  Which of my blog posts did you like the best and why? (you can name as many posts as you’d like… maybe you just love me THAT much!  Hehe!)
  2. Share the link to this post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts along with the shoutout, “Happy 2nd Blogiversary, MyMy Blog!” and post the permalink to your post/tweet in your comment (from Step 1).

That’s all you gotta do!  Easy peasy, right?

I will pick one grand winner and two runners up.  Entries will be judged on content and quality of the comment.  You can be as creative as you want.  If you’d like to include a photo or even a video attachment to your comment, by all means, do so!

The MyMy Blog 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway contest will run from today, January 31st until February 6th, 2013 so hurry!!!  Winners will be announced on February 7th.

Good luck, Ladies!  :)

**UPDATE:  Congratulations to our winners!!!

  1. Zildjiane Ansay (1st Prize)
  2. Regina Grace (2nd Prize)
  3. Jhessica (3rd Prize)

…and because there were two more entries that I found very beautiful, I’m throwing in two (2) Consolation Prizes!  The winners will each get a BDJ Box:

  1. Reylyn Cruz
  2. JennieBeibi

Thank you so much for joining, Ladies, and for your heartfelt messages.  Please get in touch with me via private messaging as soon as possible so I can send you your prizes.  Congratulations again!!!  :)




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  1. ruth ojeda

    Happy Happy Anniversary!!! My favorite would be the one where you granted my request, and wrote about homemade facials and scrubs , the article about weight loss essentials and of course, FREEBIE FRIDAYS! :D Congratulations on your second year sistah!

    • Myla Upshaw

      Thank you so much, Tuttie! Freebie Fridays is my fave too! Hehe! If you have other topics in mind that you’d like for me to write about, please don’t hesitate to let me know. :)

  2. Svetlani

    Happy 2nd Blogiversary Ms.Mymy! Of course my favorite blog post is about your EBTG Anniversay which I consider as one of my highlight in my blogging life. I am deeply honored to be part of that wonderful event. I get to meet you and the rest of the girls. I learned a lot and discovered must try and buy products. The food and the place was great. The event was well organized and everyone are in their prettiest and hottest look. The best girl bonding I’ve ever attended. You are truly blessed Ms.My for being very passionate in blogging, wishing you more blessings and opportunities to come Ms.My! :)

  3. Reylyn Cruz

    I love your blog about Weekend Reflections: Just Enough Strength To Make It Through … coz my heart melted about your love for your Husband. You didn’t gave up on him. your LOVE for him and your Faith in God was the thing you hold on that time. and you did the very powerful thing which is to pray to God. Hope your husband are really ok now.

    and I really love this quotes that you posted…

    “I rise before dawn and cry for help; I have put my hope in your word. My eyes stay open through the watches of the night that I may meditate on your promises. Hear my voice in accordance with your love; preserve my life, O LORD, according to your laws. My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” ~ Psalm 119:147-150

  4. Reylyn Cruz

    and the second one..I love your blog about Your Home, Your Spa: Homemade Face Masks And Face Scrubs…Its really helpful! I learned so much about face mask,facial scrub etc…It’s very cheaper,safe and natural,it has no chemicals…I will do this later… I’m having a hard time looking for perfect remover of my pimples.I have a sensitive skin.I will try this later. I really want to have a fresh and smooth face and I have a high hopes that it’ll work! thanks MYMY Blog for this Info…♥

  5. Reylyn Cruz

    I also love your giveaway blog about Freebie Friday: Denim Love Eau de Toilette by Penshoppe because that was the first time I joined your contest and Luckily I won! and I really love those expensive Eau de Toilette. and also your giveaway blog for 12 Days Of Christmas because I won again…( friendship bracelet by guess)… I love it not just because I won but also you know how to give back to your readers…

    I love all your blogs because you’re such an awesome write to express not to impress… and you share your story not just about you but your family also…Super love your pretty daughter… I read your blog about her birthday…and it shows that you and Arra are very close ♥ Perfect mother and daughter tandem… Looks like your siblings ♥

    Happy 2nd year anniversary Mymy blog…continue to write,inspire and share ;))) Thank you sooo much

    • Myla Upshaw

      Thank you, Reylyn. I am very grateful for all your compliment and your support. I’m happy that you loved and enjoyed many of my posts. I promise to give you nothing but my best. Please feel free to send me a message anytime if you have any suggestions or requests.

  6. Regina Grace

    Can I join? I’m a newbeie here…hehehe…My cousin introduced your blog to me :) :) :)

  7. jingjing

    LOL sorry about that..heres my other favorite topics

    like u..i have a daughter also in her teenage years kya by reading stories about ur daughter arra i can get some tips and informations that can help me to be a cool mom for my daughter and also ur blogs about ur OOTD ..i realy love seeing pictures of u in ur gorgeous outfits and that challenged me to spend some efforts to make my own OOTD lol..actualy love all the topics but cyempre kelangan meron apple of the again happy 2nd blogiversary..cheers!!!

  8. JennieBeibi

    Happy 2nd Blogiversary Ms.Mymy Blog! I love the topic about the This is one of my weakness when it comes to make up.. And it helps to improve my style by doing it.. I love Michelle Phan :)

  9. JennieBeibi

    2nd I like to read this about anti aging.. I just want to get a tip on how I can stay looking young! :) never been tried clarins yet.. but since you recommend it I know what to buy next time.. :) Thanks to you..

  10. JennieBeibi

    This is interesting topic for me also: Weekend Reflections: Freedom Through Forgiveness, since I can relate and it’s sometimes really happens in life.. I don’t know how to control my emotions and I’m getting very sensitive everytime I heard “negative” things about me through other people.. & I can’t get content whenever I can’t say or do something back to them.. I always make “GANTI” kasi.. Now I’m being reminded.. it’s always HIM the reason to hold down your pride.. & I can share this great topic to others too. forget and forgive.. now you can “Live. Laugh. & Love.” -IKA MO! :)

    • Myla Upshaw

      Thank you so much for all your comments, JennieBeibi. Choosing to forgive is really not an easy thing to do but just keep trusting God to meet all your needs, including your need to be heard and understood, and you’ll be okay. The temptation to say something every time you hear people talking will always be there but you just gotta make the choice to control your emotions and realize that you will never have control over what other people choose to think or say about you. You cannot continue to allow their actions and their behavior to affect how you think about yourself. Let it be their problem, don’t let it be yours. People who truly love and respect you will make an effort to understand and respect how you feel. They won’t be able to do it right or say it right all the time and you just gotta be more understanding and patient, as you are also a work in progress just like them. But girl, peace and joy is readily available to those who choose to have it. Just remember, the voice that you hear whispering in your ear that stirs up anger in your heart is not God’s voice, so don’t listen to it. Rebuke it! God’s voice will always comfort you, calm you and give you wisdom, no matter what’s going on around you. Hope that helps. :)

  11. Regina grace

    one of my favorite is Fabulous Find: Garnier BB Eye Roll-On because I really want to cover my dark under eye and I don’t know what products should I use and as I read your blogs I saw it and finally I got an answer to my question and obviously your picture was the evidence that really works.and you write all the information,,,Thanks Mymy for all the info…hope you write more about beauty products… ♥

  12. Regina grace

    next is OOTD: Candy-Colored Neon because it really shows how supportive you as a mom…and you look like a teen ager on that outfit (well every outfit you wear you really look young…you and your daughter are like siblings) I love the color combination.most especially I love your accessories…not over accessorize… ;)

  13. Regina grace

    Third is Your Home, Your Spa: Homemade Face Masks And Face Scrubs OMG!!! its really resourceful! I printed those procedures,,,Its very affordable and I can find most of the ingredients on our house. My number one problem is my oily face and I don’t know how to get rid of them.and finally i saw your blog about that and it will be a big help.I will try this at home. I can save time and money…Thanks for all the info Ms. My…continue to blog about beauty tips and effective beauty products ♥

  14. tin cristal

    top 3 fave blog posts (not in any order):

    Happy 40th Beerday, DP!!!
    – for one, I was a part of the event. haha! and i super loved the party set-up you have created. the ambiance, the colors, the theme, the food, lahat! :)
    E’BTG Ends Its Blogiversary With A Makeup Party!
    – i loved it because i (again) was a part of the makeup party. not only did i enjoy the party, i learned from it (and restored my love for making up) plus may bonus pang freebies.
    The Arrival Of My BDJ Box
    – i’ve been interested in getting a bdj box but was looking for feedback as i was a little apprehensive. reading your blog post influenced me to get my own box.

    i also love your posts featuring new beauty products and your reviews. keep them coming!

    happy 2nd blog anniversary, my! thanks for being a huge inspiration and influence to women out there especially wives and moms struggling to make themselves fabulous. :)

  15. jhessica

    Hi my myla happy 2nd Blogiversary .
    My super duper #1 favorite post and i think it really help to me is “7 Things You Need For Setting Up A Blog” nagstart palang ako gumawa ng “blog” at sa totoo lang ndi ko alam kung anu anu ba dapat gawin at sa every step na naka lagay sa post mo ms.myla ay sobrang nakakatulong sakin specially ung sa step “7 Courage To Invite People” patamang patama sakin hehehe nahihiya kasi ako ishare ung mga post ko sa tumblr baka kasi may masamang mag comment at ndi pa ako ready sa ganun.,and i realize sa sinabi mo na “if I don’t do it, no one else would, “.. sguro panahon na na ishare ko at un nag start ako ishare sa twitter muna.. and so far nakakatuwa kasi meron na ko mga followers kahit papanu,kahit ndi ako maxadong active magpost. Naiinspire ako sa mga pinay na nagbloblog like you ms.mlya dati akala ko mga taga us lan my ganto at nung nadiscover ko na my god sobrang daming pinay bloggers pala, nang ng start na kong magbasabasa at halos lahat ng pinay na nagbloblog kilala ko na narealize ko reading blog is really helpful to my beauty routine yes totoo bawat nirerecommend ng blogggers na binabasa ko tinatry ko at nakakatulong sakin infairness lalo na sa mga “diy” .. kung my time ka ms.myla pls visit my tumblr.
    *2nd favorite post is E’BTG Ends Its Blogiversary With A Makeup Party!
    why?oh my mamatay matay ako sa inggit kay sis angela at slvetlani i met this two lovely girls sa workshop and they are really cool and unang kita palang namin feeling friends na hehehe.. i love going this kind of event even seminar lang basta about beauty tips masayang masaya na ko kasi may nakukuha akong bagong idea at halatang nag enjoy sila sa event na yan..

  16. JennieBeibi

    Here I am again, and I read one of your best post I noticed… “WHO AM I?” I found another new words of wisdom… specially this sentence that I highlighted “is not synonymous to finding a potion for perfection, and that all of a sudden you stop making mistakes. ” and this one “I challenge you to turn to God for the answer. He should know, He created you.. and I guarantee you, the answer you will find will satisfy and complete you in ways that you have never imagined possible in your entire lifetime! Look forward to that journey. It is a blessing from God!” It helps me enlightened again… :)

  17. Zildjiane Ansay

    A very happy second anniversary to blog! Fabulous blog indeed! Honestly, I would like to thank you for inviting me to like your blog ever since we started being as polemates! Hehehe! I just love your blog, everything about it.

    Before I got to know this site, I was looking for a nice blog about beauty and health for Filipina women. It was tough for me though because I am a very picky person. I love to read, to learn new stuff. And when I read, I make sure it makes sense. It has to help me grow as a human being, something to improve to myself, or even I could apply it to my everyday life. You know, yung applicable talaga para sa mga Pinay. (I know, ang drama ko. Hahaha! But it’s true, seriously.)

    And here it is, it’s your blog! Your blog is one of my favorites! I often visit it, finding new posts from you. I am truly inspired. Thank you for that. I learned so many things especially when I got so interested to makeup. Hihihi. And because of your posts about every makeup you admire and you review, I even go to Beauty Bar or Rustan’s or just a local drugstore just to check it out on the same day! I just go there and stay there the whole afternoon, reviewing every bit of it, connecting it to your posts. It sounds ridiculous, but I enjoy it very much.

    Honestly, I don’t have the financial capacity to buy these wonderful things. Simply because I am only a student, still saving every amount of allowance just to reward myself with these. And there, I read your post here in your blog, knowing that you’ll be giving away makeup for anniversary, I am here hoping that I could be one of your winners. :) (This is really exciting!)

    Also, one of my favorite posts from you probably was your daughter’s 16th birthday. I liked it! The idea of enjoying it for one whole week, that tradition was just brilliant! I should tell that to my family, too. Hihihi. (Gaya gaya ako! Ang saya kasi nun! Hahahaha!) Plus your outfits from lookbook! Oh my goodness, I am a fan, and I adore you! You’re so sexy! Very good taste of style! Absolutely stunning!

    Anyway, ate Mymy, I personally wanted to tell you this. Even if hindi ako manalo for your giveaway, I am happy to be able to say this to you. Thank you very much for inspiring me. I pray that God will bless you more, for you have blessed me and a lot of people. xx

  18. Myla Upshaw

    Our winners had just been selected! Please scroll up for the announcement. Thank you so much for joining, Ladies, and for supporting MyMy Blog. :)

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