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Interruptions Of Life

Posted by on Mar 17, 2013

Interruptions Of Life

Life is full of interruptions.  Some interruptions may be trivial and only bring about temporary changes to our routines, while some may be totally life altering.

As a blogger, I place a lot importance on consistency – especially when it comes to posts I tend to characterize as my blog “regulars”.  So when life steps in to throw me off my groove (as is the case with everyone else from time to time, blogger or not), believe me, no one is more disappointed about it than me.  Despite my best efforts, I have recently failed to stick to my blogging schedule after these little interruptions of life threw me off on semi-hiatus!  I only managed to publish two blog posts in January and only one in February!  What’s up with that, MyMy?!   :(

I don’t intend to give y’all a long list of excuses, but I know that I owe you, guys — my ever-loyal Readers and Followers — some kind of explanation and an update on “wassup” with over the past couple of months causing this long absence.  After all, y’all have been kind enough to keep coming back here because of what I committed to deliver every month, not to mention that you have all become a part of my life since I started this blog two years ago.


A Long, Dark Tunnel

So here’s what happened recently that has caused all of these sudden, unavoidable “interruptions of life” for me:

  • “Big Daddy” had a diabetic seizure not long after he had his heart attack back in October of last year.  He had to be confined at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bonifacio Global City from November to January of this year.  This was what made me extremely busy since I had to keep things in order between our office and home (taking over all of our projects) in addition to my trips back and forth the hospital to check on Rick. Big Daddy is doing much better now and I’ll be writing a series of blog posts documenting his road to recovery from Type 2 Diabetes. Please stay tuned.
  • Our pet Rottweiler, Bailey, passed away in January.  Those of you who own a dog certainly will understand that an event like this happening is devastating to the whole family.  We were so heartbroken that our lives seemed to have come to a screeching halt, and for a while, I couldn’t bring myself to sit in front of my computer and post social updates on Facebook and Twitter — let alone compose a blog post.  My mind went blank for days while we mourned her passing.
  • I celebrated another birthday last February, and although this is certainly not an unfortunate event, it contributed to my absence since I chose to celebrate it quietly with my family and away from online distractions.
  • My iPad crashed!  This was a huge headache!  All of the photos I intended to use for my pending blog posts (especially my product reviews) were saved there.  Now, I can’t access them which means I can’t complete those blog posts until I get my iPad fixed or retrieve my files at least.  I’ll give y’all the details about this on a separate post.
  • My laptop decided to join in on the fun and crashed too!!!  This further prolonged my agony and my absence online.  For at least another couple of weeks, I was only able to access my Facebook and Twitter accounts using my Blackberry phone.  I couldn’t compose a blog post using my phone though.  So I had to wait until my laptop was fixed (which meant getting a new hard drive).


The (Green) Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Someone told me long ago that our God is the same God who directs all of our “Go’s” as well as all of our “Stops”.  If we just keep trusting His divine plan and perfect will for us, we can still be at peace amidst all of the many interruptions of life… especially when these interruptions cause a great deal of disappointment, frustration and inconvenience.  So, as frustrated as I surely was over these interruptions, I just kept telling myself that everything happens for a reason and that things will work out just fine eventually.

Anyway, now that my laptop is fixed, I’m very thankful and excited about being back in the game and I hope y’all are too. :)

I would’ve loved to include our Christmas and New Year photos taken at the hospital, as well as my birthday photos but (as I’ve said) they were all stored in my comatose iPad.

THANK YOU for bearing with me, THANK YOU for patiently waiting for me to come back, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for continuing to show your support through Facebook and Twitter.  I’ll make it up to you, guys!  Y’all will like my lineup of upcoming blog posts, I promise.

Love you, guys!




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