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Special Child, Special Mom

Posted by on May 29, 2012

Special Child, Special Mom

Friends, today I feature a guest Mommy-blogger. As the month of May draws to a close, I thought it would be a nice conclusion to the Mother’s Day season to get my cousin, Gwen Black, to briefly share with y’all her own journey as a mom.

Take it away, Gwen! icon smile Special Child, Special Mom


Motherhood is never easy; more so if your child belongs to the ‘special needs’ category.


At 2 months old my son, Sam, was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. He wore a Pavlik Harness when he was 3 mos. old until 6 mos. old (he looked like a frog with his legs spread apart), but that didn’t correct the problem. So he had his first procedure done just a few days shy of his 6th month. He was confined for several days at the hospital. He wore a full body cast for another 3 months. Afterwards, he wore a brace for several months, but still the problem didn’t get corrected. So he goes in for round two which is a more aggressive procedure, as they had to put three pins in his hip, and a plate and four screws in his thigh. After that he wore a full body cast again, and then a brace again until he went in to have the pins removed just this May, a little after his 2nd birthday. Then it’s back to 24/7 brace again for a month, and the next two months will be a half-a-day thing.


What’s next? Only the Lord knows…


Simple tasks like changing the diaper, feeding, getting him in and out of the car, etc. took forever to finish! I think my eye bags have gone down to my cheeks (LOL) as I only get 6 hours of interrupted sleep at night (yup, i spelled that word right).


Then, when people see us, they might think, “Oh, he looks okay”, and they might think of what we do as something that’s just easy. However, they don’t know how hard it is, how costly, and how painful it is to see your child go through a lot at a very young age, with no guarantees except the Lord’s.


When he cried at night from the discomfort, I cried for him too.


All of my own comforts have I forsaken, in order to make sure his discomforts would be less. In the end, I seek to gain nothing. I do what I do for him simply because I am his mom. I am the guardian God chose to look after his well-being; and I have accepted that responsibility from the moment I laid eyes on him when he was born, and at night as I look at him as he sleeps, those sweet tiny toes… He’s just precious.

Gwen Black

DSCN0420 1024x768 Special Child, Special Mom

The Black Family: Gwen, Dan and baby Sam

Sam Post Surgery Special Child, Special Mom

IV on both hands, epidural on the back, catheter below, and other sorts of attachments to monitor the heart. Sam’s face was so red from itching too.

Sam Pins Special Child, Special Mom

Nope, these are not your nails for the chair or table DIY. These were the ones that had been removed from Sam’s hip and thigh

Sam Special Child, Special Mom

Our brave little Angel, Sam Black



Gwen Black 25481 57x57 Special Child, Special Mom

About The Author: Gwen Marcelino-Black

Gwen is a Filipina wife/mother/teacher/songwriter who lives in Kentucky, USA with her American husband Dan and their two-year-old son, Sam. Other than her family, her faith in Christ is her biggest passion in life. Her favorite quote of all-time is Forrest Gump’s “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

To send Gwen Black a message, please click here:

Gwen Black



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  1. maritess miranda-enriquez

    Hi! I have the same experience with Ms. Gwen Black but my daughter’s hip dysplasia case was resolved without any operation, just pavlik harness and hip abduction brace. I am willing to donate the hip abduction brace. Just in case, email me. Nice blog….

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