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You Were SHAPEd To Follow Your Road

Posted by on Oct 26, 2011

You Were SHAPEd To Follow Your Road

This was sent to me as a private message… and I was deeply moved. Perhaps because I can relate to how this lady must be feeling right now. For many years I, myself, have struggled with the same dilemma.  So I’m sharing the message and my response with you, dear readers:

“Dear MyMy, I envy you. You seem to possess so many talents and are quite sure what to do about them. It seems that you know exactly what you want and you go for it. I am torn between pursuing what it is that I really love to do and will make me happy versus what will earn me a good living. I am a single Mom but I also support my parents and one younger sibling. I am working in an office which pays me well, but my heart just isn’t in it. I would like to sing. I read in your bio that you also sing. How do you do it? I feel like I am just going through life like a feather in the wind. Always in the reactive mode and simply rolling with the punches. What would you advise me to do?” Confused Girl

Dear Confused Girl,

First of all, thank you so much for the very beautiful compliment.  Your message moved me beyond words that it took me awhile to finally gather my thoughts and write you a response that would actually make sense. Hopefully this one will.  :)

In one book I read (The Purpose Driven Life), I learned that God created and increasingly nurtures each one of us to develop our own unique S.H.A.P.E. – spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality and experiences – and this S.H.A.P.E. consists of the very tools that God has chosen to equip us with in order for us to fulfill our purpose in life.  I believe this to be very true.  I believe that if you feel a constant nagging from deep within your soul that you ought to be doing something else, that’s simply because you were built to do exactly that – something else.  And unless you muster enough courage to go and explore the possibility, you won’t truly discover how much greater that something can potentially be.  God planted that desire in you because He wants you to try to find your greater purpose in life.  If He allows you to feel comfortable where you are right now while you are meant for so much more, then you would never want to try to step out of that comfort zone.  What you’re going through right now is simply you standing at a crossroads, and that desire to take on a different path which you are so strongly feeling right now is Him pointing you to the road that He has set out for you to follow. That is why the first and most important advise I can give you is to pray and ask God to show you clearly which road you’re supposed to take.

Second, if you’re worried that it might not be a wise decision (financially speaking) to change careers, you can always consider doing both at least for the time being.  I used to have a corporate day job and then singing gigs at night when I was starting out as a singer.  It can give you a better feel for what it would be like to finally go full-time in your singing career without having to immediately give up your current “bread and butter”.  You can even just accept weekend gigs.  The wedding industry is also a very big and lucrative one, and singing for weddings might also be an option you might want to look into.  Besides, whenever you choose to pursue God’s calling, you can always depend on His provision – financially and everything else – to follow you through until you reach your goal.

Ultimately, I will encourage you to follow your heart… and your heart will be your compass that will point you to the right path.  If your heart isn’t in what you’re doing, you can’t possibly give it your absolute best, and it wouldn’t matter who you’re doing it for – a job done half-heartedly is seldom good enough and never truly brings joy.  I think you’d be more motivated to work harder for your family if you’re also passionate and happy about what you’re doing.  In the same way, some people choose to sacrifice their personal desires and ambitions in order to provide better for their families. But the difference is that they find genuine happiness, fulfillment and PEACE in that. That is the road they believe they’re meant to follow, therefore that is the road they choose to take. Whichever road you follow, always keep in mind that if you are in the center of God’s will, your heart will be at peace.

Hope that helps.  Meanwhile, I dedicate this song to you, Confused Girl.  May God guide you and give you wisdom.  Blessings!  :)




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