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Who Am I?

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012

Who Am I?

I wrote the post below in March of 2006 for a blog I created with Friendster (yes, remember Friendster?).  After a slight modification, I would like to share it with y’all again on this beautiful, bright and sunny Sunday.





It’s not easy to sum up all of my thirty-plus years in five sentences or less in order to come up with an honest, accurate and realistic answer to this question.  And let’s face it — whatever I write here today won’t be accurate a few years from now, because if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing as human beings, we are all growing and changing.  The woman (or girl) I was ten or even twenty years ago was, without a doubt, a very different person from who I am today; yet the experiences (both good and bad) helped shape the woman I am today.  Those events chiseled a huge portion of my heart and my character.


I once heard it said that it is the choices we make that define us.  Well, like many of us, I have made so many bonehead decisions in my life.  Some were made out of desperation, some out of bullheadedness, and some out of sheer ignorance.  However, I refuse to believe that those same bonehead decisions alone are what define my whole being.


Thanks in part to the brilliantly-written “The Purpose Driven Life” (which I highly recommend to everyone!), I found the answer to the question, “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?” some years ago.  However, to be honest, I am still on the journey to finding out what I am meant to accomplish for God.  What’s great is that every day of that journey is a new lesson learned… a step closer to where I want to be.  Every single day on this wonderful journey I get to uncover hidden treasures along the way — the blessings of family, friends, marriage, talents, passions, and dreams.  I have learned that finding the answer to “The Big Question” is not synonymous to finding a potion for perfection, and that all of a sudden you stop making mistakes.  I still make stupid moves from time to time, but what keeps me going is knowing that those mistakes do not define who I am in the sense that I am somehow less of a person than I was.  However, I am learning that God is teaching me through those mistakes so that I can grow in Him and into the person I aspire to be.


So I therefore debunk that old myth because the truth is, it is in God that we find our identity and significance and He then guides us in the choices that we make.  So it is God Himself who defines our whole being, for even during those times when we can make no sense out of our lives, God finds us useful.  When we find ourselves so unlikeable and so unworthy, God sees beauty in us and embraces us with a love that overlooks our blemishes.  The reason I am still here after all the wrong turns I took on the road of life is because, for reasons I will never be able to fully comprehend, God saw me worth saving and giving a second chance.  He gave a whole new meaning to my life.  From time to time I still get frustrated with myself especially when I miss a step and trip in my spiritual walk but I’ve learned to keep picking myself up and continue on, fixing my eyes on Jesus who is patiently waiting for me at the end of that road.  He never gave up on me, so I dare not give up on myself.  Now I encourage you to hold on to that same conviction for He will never give up on you either!


So the next time you are faced with the question “Who am I?”, I challenge you to turn to God for the answer.  He should know, He created you.. and I guarantee you, the answer you will find will satisfy and complete you in ways that you have never imagined possible in your entire lifetime!  Look forward to that journey.  It is a blessing from God!

Knowing who you belong to affects how you view yourself, how you view others and the rest of the world.  There is absolutely NO WAY that you could believe you belong to the mighty Lord Jesus and be hateful, bitter, depressed, anxious, discouraged and hopeless at the same time.  Since we all know that the value of something is equal to how much one paid for it, think about this:  Jesus purchased you with His own blood!   Need I try to convince you that YOU ARE PRECIOUS AND LOVED?  Well, now that you know you are… behave, think and live like one.

A B-L-E-S-S-E-D Sunday, everyone!  Love you, guys!  :)





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