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About My Site

So what’s the deal with this site, and what’s in it for you to spend time here? The answer might surprise you! Learn more about this site and what’s in it for you here!

About MyMy Blog

MyMy Blog is a personal blog, the entire content of which is written and edited by me, Myla “MyMy” Upshaw.  When it comes to all of the technical stuff, however (i.e. installation of plugins, search engine optimization, etc.), my husband, Rick Upshaw (a.k.a. “Big Daddy” or “Hubby”, as referred to all over my blog) is The Man In Charge.

I talk (or rant) about pretty much anything under the sun in this blog … whatever comes to mind… my own interests and passions.  However, I do have here what I call my “regulars”:

  • Every 2nd and last Saturday of the month, there’s my Weekend Reflections
  • Every last Friday of the month, I give away free gifts to my loyal readers on my Freebie Friday.

I intend to add more “regulars” to this list.  Although I love surprising my readers, having these “regulars” also helps me stay committed to this whole blogging thing.  Hopefully, it will also give you something to look forward to on this site every month.

If you’re more interested in the “Girly Stuff”, you might just find my posts on Beauty and Fashion interesting.

For a complete list of everything I have written, check out My Blog.


Disclosure Policy


As a way of “giving back” to my readers, I give away “freebies” which I often personally purchase (yes, that means I was the one who actually walked into the store and bought the product using my own money).  The only exception might be if a company or product owner sponsors the gift to be given away, for example, during a major holiday.  In either case, I always disclose this fact in my post and I even acknowledge and thank the sponsor(s).


From time to time, I post makeup and fashion tutorials in the Girly Stuff category of my blog, but most other times, I post reviews on products I’m crazy about.

As with any blogger, I treat my site as an online journal where I get to share with my readers my testimonials on things I have actually tried or experienced first-hand, as well as my own personal thoughts and opinions on various subjects.  This includes products I’ve tested, places I’ve visited and services I’ve tried.  In these reviews and testimonials, MyMy Blog may or may not contain advertising and some contextual affiliate marketing links (which means I may earn a little bit of commission from clicks or sales of the products that I mention or link through my posts), under the following conditions:

  • Whether I have an affiliate link on a page or not for any product or service, my reviews and testimonials are never influenced by whatever relationship I have with these advertisers, sponsors or affiliate partners.  I always give my 100% honest opinion of any product or business and I DO NOT RECOMMEND any product or business that I, myself, was not happy with or do not believe in.
  • Whenever I recommend a product or service using a link for which I may earn a commission, I will always inform my readers of that fact within the post.

If a company sends me a product for review, I will likewise disclose that fact in my post.  Also, I always make it clear to the company that my acceptance of their product is just a “Review Only” basis, which means that I will not guarantee a positive feedback for their product or service, nor will I recommend it to my readers unless it is the truth based on my own personal experience with their product or service.  I DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY OR PAYMENT in any form for giving a blind “two-thumbs-up” review on anything, or to keep mum about a bad experience with any product or service.  To do so is a dishonest business practice, in my view, and is taking for granted the trust that my readers place in me.

I do accept free products in exchange for an open and honest review.


MyMy Blog welcomes advertisers, accepts paid links within blog posts, and is open to sponsorships by companies whose products or services fall in line with the content of this blog.  For more information about how you can advertise or sponsor MyMy Blog, please email me using the form in the Contact MyMy section of this blog.

Thank y’all for your love and support!


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